The Greatest Bond Actor, Sean Connery

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James bond is a creation of the writer Ian Fleming, who made good use of  his war-timeexperience as a Commander in the British Navy. He used his experience in naval intelligence and wrote 13 novels as well as created a character named james Bond. Fleming also created a fictitious number for him  007, which is supposed to be a license to kill, though in real life such a sanction is never given.

Connery was a Scots man and was born in 1930. During his younger days he was a body builder and his web site mentions that he took part in the 1950 Mr. Universe contest and was placed third. However independent sources reveal that perhaps he competed in the 1953 contest and won some position. What ever it may be, the fact remains that Sean Connery had a magnetic body because of his assiduous training with weights.

Ian Flemings novel

In 1960 Ian Fleming had sold the rights of his novel Dr No to Film producer Harry Saltzman and a movie was to be made on the book. A selection was made and Sean was one of the men auditioned. Now we learn that initially Ian Fleming was not happy with the choice of Sean Connery as James Bond as he felt he was too muscular for the role of a Royal Navy Commander. But Connery got the role after Ian Flemings girl friend persuaded him and mentioned that Sean had tremendous masculine appeal.

Dr. No was an Instant hit. Released in 1962 Sean lived the role of James Bond. Ian Fleming who saw the completed film was also impressed and he gave the green signal for seen Connery to continue as James bond. Dr No set in the Caribbean is the tale of a diabolical scientist who has an under water empire and wishes to dominate the world. With his co-star Ursula Andress, Sean had excellent chemistry   and the public loved him as James Bond.

Sean Connery and his Hits

He followed up with From Russia with love (1963) and Gold finger (1964). In both these films he tackled diverse scenarios. From Russia  with love dealt with the tale of  a soviet Spy who defects ,  while in Gold finger a man named by the same name makes a diabolical plan to capture  Fort Knox, the home of the US gold and blow it up with an atomic bomb, to render the gold  unusable due to radioactivity. Sean Connery in both the films put in a sterling performance.

In addition the special traits of Bond like taking his martini shaken and not stirred and romantic liaisons with a bevy of girls endeared him to the public. The film From Russia with love had some trouble during release in India and the title  had to be changed due to Russian objections.


His next two films were Thunder ball (1965) and You only live twice (1967). Both films were heavy grocers. In You only live twice the scenario shifted to the South China Sea when a diabolical plot is hatched with Chinese support to bring about a nuclear war between Russia and USA. Ian Fleming took the title from a quote of Japanese writer Yushi Mishima who said’ you only live twice once when you are born and when you face death’. In my personal opinion I find You only live twice, Sean Connery’s performance the best, compared to all his other films. In addition his love scenes with the Japanese actresses are simply superb.

Sean Connery appeared in Diamonds are for ever in 1971 and then took a hiatus as James Bond as Roger Moore took over. But he returned to the screen again as James Bond in Never say never again. The movie was again a commercial hit.

Sean Connery and other Bonds

Many other actors have played Bond after Sean, notably Roger Moore, George Lazenby, Pierce Brosnan and others, but there is no doubt that for sheer magnetic appeal and   successful rendition of the character of James Bond, Sean in my view was the best. Now of course he is tooold to act the part of Bond, but when he was at the helm he certainly did justice to his roles.

Sean acted in many other roles, but he is best remembered for his rendition of the Character of 007, the spy who had the license to kill. He did win an academy award as a supporting actor forthe Untouchables in 1989

Sean Connery was knighted in 2000 and the Scots loved him. They voted him in 1989 as the greatest living Scot. Sean’s charisma also rubbed on to the world of video games and in 2005, a video game based on from Russia with love hit the market. Connery’s personal life is without rancor and he was married twice with his last marriage to painter Michelin Roquebrune, who is of French Moroccan descent, enduring  for the last 36 years.

Connery also has a big following in India .In my view he was the greatest Bond. Many James Bonds will come and go, but I suppose Sean has carved a special niche of his own.


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