Top 10 Benefits Of Investing On Domain Names

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In today’s competitive world when Internet has revolutionized the business, every business is fighting to attract the majority of the customers. In order to make their online presence, businesses are choosing a suitable domain name which gives them the maximum returns. Domain name registration is extremely important and one should be careful while choosing a domain name.

For this, they are ready to pay millions of dollars and buy the suitable name reflecting their business or brand credibility. Hence the parties selling the domain names stand to gain from these transactions. The sellers of these names are making fortune. They first go for domain name registration and then sell the name to the big companies.

Let us understand the top ten benefits of securing a domain name for investment purposes:

1.A generic and saleable domain name never goes out of demand. For instance companies like CNN have paid heavily for a generic domain name like

2.Domain registration is a complicated process and hence big companies try to buy domain names from the investors directly.

3.The value of domain names appreciates over time because a good name is always preferred. If a company is ready to pay for, it can in future pay more money for and TV. biz as well.

4.You can make quick bucks just by launching a business of selling domain name and become expert in the field of domain registration. This is a long term lucrative business which will benefit in long run.

5.If you have opted for domain name registration for your own website and now that you are winding up that business, so the best way to get a benefit from that name is by reselling that name.

6.You can make money by buying a domain name for cheap, in case the seller is going out of business due to bankruptcy or any other reason. Then the same name can be resold to earn fortune.

7.You can auction your domain name, if you no more use it on eBay, the way you do other products and services.

8.There is always scarcity of a good domain name and scarcity of a product makes it more valuable. It is a simple law of demand and supply.

9.When you go for domain registration, you ought to choose for bulk registrations. This way you can buy multiple names in bulk by paying less and then you can sell them individually for a rather handsome amount.

10.Last but not the least a good domain name can be useful for your own business as well. You can target many customers with a good name.


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