Why do You Need to Develop Your Own Trading System

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There are many trading systems and strategies. There are many places for free trading articles, journals, books and websites on the trade-printed. You can buy the software or you can subscribe to it at regular intervals.
The newcomers say they do not have the time, talent, talent and brains to find out how to do the right thing. They would rather buy a program, or subscribe to hundreds of trading – or in some cases – thousands of dollars. They say that they have not said anything, except what you buy, when to buy and how much you need to buy. Some people ask me if this strategy or approach, it is recommended to be traded in financial markets. To answer this question, I am then forced to consider the advantages and disadvantages of using such an approach to trading.
There are reasons why a trader would use the strategy, or that someone else has developed and tested:
First, it is easy. A novice trader does not need to examine how the market works and how it affects those markets. He must be to educate himself: He does not need to bother of books and seminars. He does not need to test the system, because the seller has already done it for him, and reported promising hypothetical or actual results.
Another novice trader hopes that the trading system is “fair” price to get: sometimes even for free.
The dangers of a system or trading strategy will be developed and tested by someone else, are as follows:
The first faulty systems
There are many false systems out there. You may be defective because of their assumptions and their mechanisms may no longer be true, accurate or valid. As a novice trader, how can you distinguish the good systems and bad systems, if you do not know how trading systems are built?
The second discipline, and confidence
All systems have drawdown periods. Good systems can not money for six months or one year. Although it was a good system, you can continue to follow, even if you do this defeat after defeat after defeat? How to follow if you do not trust them? How can you be sure that if you do not know the ins and outs of the system and if you have not tested it myself?
I do not think that people blindly follow a system, even though they were told that it will bring prosperity. I can be one of the trading system, I get that he was an exceptional hypothetical or actual results, and yet he could not follow him.
I remember that my father is a purely mechanical trading system I developed. I told him a few simple rules, and I told him not to question it. All had to do what he had to follow them.We both have changed it for two months, I grew my small share of approximately 50% (it happened to be a good two months), but he was losing. He wondered why. I asked to see his name books. When I looked at his trade register of the procedures, I noticed that he had disobeyed the rules. When I asked him why he did not obey them, and he wanted to improve the results, while having a few losing trades. He tried to improve the results.According to him, asked him to make the system, which he did not properly during certain market conditions, so he did not follow. I found prone to errors, including opening of trade rather than wait for the market to buy and sell stop orders for support and resistance levels to get triggered. I also asked that he acts as the final result, but often he traded for two hours before or after your choice. There were many other rules he broke. He is a clever man: a former engineer and now Director of a large organization. Why he could not follow instructions? It’s easy. He did not know why the rules were set, and I estimate that he did not. His money was the line, and after a series of losses, he lost his faith in the system easier than I do, because he does not develop and test yourself.
You can win the dangers of the above, I do not see any way, except for a trader to learn to develop your own trading methodology. This is the only way to know the dealer, if a particular system or strategy is good or not.
When a trader learns to develop systems and strategies, it can then be better to test them also. At the moment, he might even find that he is a better system that creates it, because it is increasingly difficult to find another system would be better suited to charity while working on his risk tolerance. It is likely that when he developed these skills, it is easy to acquire other systems only to dissect them, grab the parts that he loves, and your system.For me, the irony that the merchant knows which system to buy, he must first learn how to create the system. And when you know how to create a system that he will no longer need to buy.
Finally, I would say that if you’re not willing to learn how to develop your own trading methodology, then perhaps you should consider investing money to someone else. Give it to someone to trade a system that he has developed and tested, because he has more self-confidence and courage to follow your own rules.


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