Overview of The Forex Investing Strategies

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Forex trading refers to the international, 24 / 7, over the counter foreign exchange market where currencies of different countries are bought and sold. Trade has always come in pairs, price, provided that the currency purchased to go and drop that did not sell. It is the largest most liquid financial markets makes it impossible for any single investor to influence prices of currencies.
There are two kinds of forex investment strategies:
Technical Analysis of Peru thorough analysis of the
Technical Analysis:
Technical analysis can be found mainly in small and medium-sized investors. Technical analysis takes into account factors that are actually affected by the market rather than the factors that may affect it. The so-called price reflects all the factors that have contributed to it. Only market generated facts and figures, and includes factors such as fear, hope, expectations and other changes are not considered. Thus, the analysis is usually based on these assumptions:
* Price reflects all the latest market movements. This means an all inclusive price is specified in the market, such as supply and demand in the foreign exchange market, policy makers, trade agreements, etc. It’s not what led to the change is concerned, but deals with the latest changes. It operates on the assumption that the price is just one of three directions:
Up, down and sideways
* Market the rest of the models, who were identified as being essential. So those factors that are repetitive or produce the desired results.
* History always repeats itself, as psychology is changing very slowly over time. This is the market movements are unpredictable.
Several technical indicators are:
First the Relative Strength Index:
It takes into account the ratio of upward and downward movements in the index, and put it between zero to one hundred.
The graphs are a number of hills, slopes, curves of the map evolution over time and reflects some of the major and minor changes in design. Some of the formations in the diagram are:
TRIANGLE RECTANGLE * * * * DOUBLE the head and shoulders top and bottom plates * V *
The gap represents the area of ​​a bar chart where no trading.
* UPGAP: it arises, if the lowest price in a given day, more than the highest price the previous day.
* DOWNGAP: It is formed when the highest price that a given day is less than the lowest price on the day before.
Several different theories used in technical analysis, such as:
* Fibonacci Gann Theory *
Stochastic Oscillator:
This shows the over-bought and / or undersold condition. It uses a scale from zero to one hundred per cent.
Peru fundamental analysis:
It is one in which the current economic, political, economic situation of the currency is under investigation. The country’s economic and political state depends on many factors, such as interest rates, unemployment, exports and imports, per capita income, percentage of the population who are above and below the poverty line, inflation, trade relations with other countries, tax policy, etc.
The fundamental analyst studies and evaluates all of these factors before deciding. It helps the long-TEM, and the decision to make a profit in the short term, exceptional development.
Some of the indicators that are essential to help the analysis:
Gross domestic product at first:
It reflects the total market value of all goods and services the country produces in a given year.
Another RETAIL:
This reflects the total income from all retail stores in the country.
The third Consumer Price Index:
It reflects the changes in the prices of consumer goods.
The fourth economic cycle:
It reflects the different phases, which goes through a business. These steps are:
* Enlargement * PEAK * RECESSION depression
It controls the money supply in the economy.
Trading successfully requires knowledge, time and understanding of the market. You can continue to earn in the Forex market because it is explosive. Studied, such as the dealer may want to try as well as technical and fundamental freedoms in the forex trading strategies and the decision on market expectations and trends. Try to trade with money you can afford to lose without regret. Trade logic, and if you are not sure to go, and others for some time.


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