How to Handle a Bully in Your Workplace

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How to handle a bully in your workplace

A person who frequently gets on your nerves and deliberately makes attempts to dominate you is surely a needling factor in your work place. You sometimes feel bogged down by the person’s intimidation and consider leaving the job just to avoid having to work with such people. It is indeed a turn off to co work with these people, but you must understand that there will be such a bully wherever you work.

  1. The person who is prone to bullying is actually an unsure person, who lacks self esteem andwants to prove his worth, not by his work but by his nerve-racking bullying. If you bow down to his temperament, the loser will only be you. You are there to work just as him and there is no reason why you should feel you are a lesser person.
  2. Tell him in no uncertain terms that you will not tolerate such behavior and make it a point to ignore his back biting words. He is not worth your attention and you must feel normal to do your work. Even if you feel a little apprehensive of his behavior, do not show it and practice guts and make up your mind never to let bullying overwhelm you.
  3. If you show even the slightest form of being in awe of the person he will get the upperhand and it will be a torture for you to work there and your work efficiency will suffer.
  4. The bully tends to form a group and tries to make you feel alienated. Actually the group he forms will be a group of his minions who feel that they might get something out of him if the bully is of high position. You need not fear such groups and if you feel it is getting a little out of hand, inform the management with full details of the way you were given problem and let the management deal with him.
  5. A work efficient person never tries to overawe others as he will be a mellow and mature individual. When a person feels like making others ill at ease, it clearly reflects on his character and his competency. Your brilliance makes him feel overawed and he feels you are a threat to his position in work and so resorts to all sorts of cheap tricks to make you leave the job.
  6. Imagine a wild animal like a tiger or lion trying to attack you. You run to save your live and the animal chases you, but suddenly if you turn and run towards it, it becomes confused and starts running away from you .Why you might wonder, basically these wild animals are chasers, but when they are chased they do not know how to react and so they get cowed. So also thebullywho is making you uncomfortable will be shocked when you face him with true spirit.

  7. You will be astonished to see a new change in the behavior of the bully who now wants to avoid you and sidetracks you so that he will not have to face you. All these changes are because youwere daring enough to show him his place.
  8. There are people of higher position who resort to such bullying behavior and it will take you more strength of mind to handle such people. These higher ups will show partiality to their juniors who are ready to tow their line and keep finding fault with your work. They will exclude you from the official dealings of your job and make you feel left out. You should ask your bullying superior as why he is behaving in such a manner and if he makes insulting comments, tell him that you are going to take the matter to the management.
  9. Donothesitate to tell the management about the troubles your superior is giving you and if your complaints are true, and if your work is perfect the management will definitely handle the problem with firmness and decisiveness. If you delay in taking the matter to the management, your bullying superior will give false complaints about you to them and this is a situation you should avoid.
  10. Do not backbite about the bully to your colleagues as it will be taken back to that person with more adjectives added to it and it will create a real war like situation you in the work place. Just ignore that person and go about your work with complete sincerity and this is enough to unnerve him.

When you know the trick of dealing with such bullying person it becomes easy for you to overcome such a problematic situation. If you bow down, you will feel tormented, it you back bite you will be placed in the same category as him, but if  you are professional in your attitude and handle the situation withdignity, and you win the race against the bully.


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