How I Became a Successful Part of Trader

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Introduction: I am Joe Chalhoub, a computer engineer, businessman and Forex Strategy Builder. I started trading currencies 3 years ago. The first three months were traded total failure, I remember I lost all my money and I wanted to quit, but I could not, I felt, if I maybe I’m missing the opportunity, the company has its own station. So I stopped operations and began to observe, investigate, analyze, and practice.
Attention to: I began to watch the market, making the motion, response, ranging from commercial.
Analysis: I started on the technical and fundamental analysis work in Peru, as each analysis can predict and control the market and how they can for their own benefit as well.I’m going through this type of analysis is the following paragraph to speak.
Reading: I bought the Forex trading books and used books she read to explain to a variety of strategies and tactics for experienced traders.
Practicing: I have a free account and began trading with almost every technique I discovered I’ve tried it and monitoring the performance and competence.
After a year of study, analysis and trading techniques and practice a lot of failure and frustration I was your strategy and it works very well, and every month, my profit is positive.
I reached my goals and I built a successful strategy, but it is not enough to make a profit, but I do not have the opportunity, and the forex market is full of possibilities, because it is the most active market in the world why I need to sit and identify all the time, and chances throughout the day from Monday to Friday.
How to solve this problem, sit back and I can not watch the market for hours, I have my career and my family, so I thought I must be my strategy program, let it do the hard work for me, and nobody has the discipline to the software, I have artificial intelligence software technology, which gathers data on markets to explore and implement my strategy on this information and opportunities 24/24.
This program analyzes the quality and technical information and provides Forex signals are transmitted automatically, where the signals are automatically executed and delivered to the members of my website on my broker platform. All this is done without my interference, I just run the program, analyze and take decisions (buy, sell or stay away).
How successful in forex trading
Five hundred merchants to be successful in this business, what distinguishes these five successful of 95 others is one thing, it’s hard work. Forex trading is not an easy business, and that tells you that you can make it rich overnight, is one of the 95 only one you can be a successful trader, hard work, and nothing else. Do not rely on other agents or advisors to help you, trust, and trust themselves.
Do not start quickly to the trade, the Forex market is not going anywhere, it will remain for ever, give yourself 6-12 months of study, analysis, readings, and practice your strategy before you start real trading, it takes a much time and dedication, but in the end, you can achieve.
I will not reveal the full strategy, but I will list some of the techniques that I use to help their dealers to disclose to the trade.
My strategy to follow the following tips and techniques:
1 – Discipline: Set your criteria in the shops, watch the market and trade only if the criteria are met, if they are not satisfied and do not trade. My program is the disciplined trader, it takes care of all this, it is the market and trade only if the only criteria are met follows, and another advantage of this is the removal of Fear Factor, it comes to trade, if it looks good is to come, and fear nothing.
2 – Money Management: It is the most important key to a good trade, I close all trades and stop trading for a particular day, when I lost -60 points, while I put the stop loss in my business if I have 25 points for a victory, this case, the result is less than 25 points, and it is an open door, and all you have to do what I go out, and is having fun.
3 – No trading today: The most important competition in trade, sometimes was not for sale, I’ll take this decision in accordance with the charts, and I want to see that there is not enough variation, or there are not enough reports published today, and it is better to wait until the markets are volatile. I appeal to the dealers in the first days of trading in person to trade on the first Friday of the month, when the “non-agricultural wage” report will begin to be published.
4 – Analysis: I use fundamental and technical analysis during the trade. Fundamental Freedoms sets the trend in the market and technical analysis for the definition of a trend was used. I trade news transmitted by the analysis published programmatically generate a report on the information and signals that can be taken immediately to provide the trading platform and at the same time in my members.
Fundamental rights and the technical analysis used in conjunction with, if used without the other, this leads to failure.
5 – Technical Indicators Forex market is a set of indicators that are used for many traders. I use ADX, Bollinger Bands to identify trends and volatility; identification of RSI over bought or sold and the moving average to identify the signal. And the most important technology is the Fibonacci, I would urge retailers to implement this technology, and it will enhance the trade.
Finally, I must say that Forex is not easy, and often we think that someone is doing us a conspiracy to take our money, but the truth is, nothing is impossible, and some successful traders are not smarter than us and they are not a genius from the planet, there is more you work, the more you get closer to becoming a good trader. Does not stop soon, because this movement deserves the hard work and dedication.  


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