Forex Income by Buying And Selling at The Same Time Period

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This article is part of a series that examines the volatility of the advantages and weaknesses of trading using the hedged grid trading system to trade markets.
We see how the money by the number of trading days truths or principles can be established; * Cut losses and run profits, and none was given * by buy and sell signals at the same time offers.
A network of secure trading system based on the principle that one is able to be no cash in the matter, bring in what direction the market is moving. No stops are therefore required at all. The only way this is logically possible that you can buy and sell active at the same time. Most dealers say that this commercial suicide, but some of us Let’s investigate this.
It is said that a trader enters the market to buy and sell active when the currency is at the level of say 100 to 200 price moves then buy this case, the positive 100 and negative 100 will be sold at this point We begin to trade rules. We are cash positive and buy 100 profit goes to our bank account. Sell ​​now, take the loss of -100.
Network is needed to ensure that any movement of cash into the market. To do this, could again buy and sell transaction. Now, assume for convenience, assume that the price moves back to level 100
To sell the second one has now gone positive 100 and the second purchase is the implementation of a loss of -100. The rules require someone for money, and sell 100 to your account. This brings the number to 200 this time to realize
Now is to sell the first, which has remained active at a level of 200, where it shifted -100 to 100, where it is now a null result.
4th revenues together now magically seems to be winning: – Buy one to recognize 100, to sell other, redeemed 100, now only break even and the other to sell to buy the -100. This gives an overall picture to win total of 100 We cancel all transactions and champagne.
There are many, many other market movements, that this “buy and sell the same” strange activity turn into profits. These will be covered in future articles and addresses for free online trading course, is awakened by the specialist website for those traders whose curiosity is.


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