Rest – The Key to The Success of Investments

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To become profitable in any form of investment, the dealer back for all the crucial factor in the proper perspective. Although the dynamics of the markets it is important that each player some of the established rules that govern their trade is. This means that by strengthening some of your trade, you are indirectly, through the care of emotions, and thus to give the edge to succeed in your chosen investment strategy. “REST” means the risk, Entry, Stop Loss and Target, and the following sections, I explain why it is important to confirm the above factors, if the goal is to achieve a successful business.
RISK: This is one of the most easily overlooked part of trading. It is only prudent to be aware of all the operators themselves, the risks they take in a particular business. Before the drive, traders must know how much you could lose it, and make sure that it is their comfort zone before the trade. Without proper risk management can not determine the dealer, the exposures to the profitability of trading models. For example, a dealer to be over-run risk, the pipe or underground, where they are scoring runs. There are many different models of risk management in the investment world, but there is a very nice model, the risk that a dealer for a fixed percentage of equity in any business they may be taking. The aim is to increase the profitability of winning streaks while reducing the potential losses if the losing trades to the surface. This is the model that I personally used in my trading, and it works well.
REGISTRATION: experience that I’ve collected over the years I have come to the conclusion that it is also very important to have the dealer is a firm indication of their trade.This may sound a little confusing, but it is quite simple. Who has been around the block, and again should be aware that round numbers, a good deal of support and resistance.These are numbers that end in .50 or .00, for example, 1.4200, 1.4250, etc. The reason for this is that most large investors usually have their entry and exit based on round numbers, the a change in the bias of this market leading prices. Nevertheless, not all of them are round numbers input prices, but if they are in the neighborhood rising or falling at the confluence, they tend to operate almost at full levels.
Stop Loss: Before the transaction, it is important to be pre-stop-loss level, and actually a stop loss order when you order your item. Under no circumstances should the stop-loss move further away from the import price after entering the trade. If it were necessary for a route stop-loss to be in the direction of the brand, or minimize to the direction of the bias in the current market situation as a possibility, the potential loss. A big mistake that many traders in the idea of ​​mental stop-loss included. In practice, this means that the dealer is the number of stop-loss level, but it does not really stop loss order, but are willing to cost in the vicinity of the station would hand in order to reach this level. Please, this approach is not acceptable to the world of profitable trading. I mean, if you know what price you are willing to quit your trade, why not just put a stop loss order? It’s that simple. Market volatility can change in an instant, and thus the price of hundreds of points within a few minutes. For example, a 6th September 2011 while the SNB intervention drew the Swiss franc pair more than 800 points less than 5 minutes! Imagine if you were to walk with the help of mental stop loss and look forward and make a cup of coffee, only to come back five minutes later, a live account in red. Remember, news like this passed in the rule of calendars on the economy. So, be warned.
Objective: It is as if the stop-loss, it is also necessary to pre-target-earnings level before the trade. Allow your feelings to your trading through deception, you believe that the current instability in your favor further Previously, the target brand you get, by the aim to find more seeds, remove or worse greedy reasons, complete. Addresses goals and make sure that they are logical, too. The market price is usually over again, and you can take advantage of this by reading the price action, and set the target values, respectively.
Only if the “rest” on the rest corrected and the remainder on the market.


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