Czech Food And Drink – Three New Flavors Is To Explore

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If you thought the Czech food was just stews, soups and kolaczkys, we have news for you. The Czech Republic continues to run on new and exciting foods as you will not find elsewhere. The good news is that their availability is gradually increasing. Consider three products in particular …

Devilish Sauce
Yes, the name, but certainly not taste like a diabolical mix for us. A unique combination of ingredients make this sauce a perfect complement to meat dishes, chicken or pork.

It ‘a real taste treat. Slightly spicy, slightly sweet, balanced on the tongue. There are some peppers flavors, we are not able to detect, as well as pickles, onions, and a splash of vinegar. We’ve added a recipe for crock pot pork and pork infused with sweetness particularly beautiful. You can also add toppings for salads, soups, stews, or add a line favorite chili recipe.

Banany Bar
As its name suggests, is a chocolate bar flavored with banana. The exterior is a special black chocolate. Under the layer of chocolate filling is flavored with banana. Not too sweet as the aroma of chocolate banana cup.

We have never tasted a chocolate bar quite like it. If you had a banana split, you know how the chocolate and bananas and go together. This is not an exception, but we find it more gentle treatment for adults. Try and see for yourself.

Vinea Red Grape Drink
This unique and drink lightly carbonated grape is completely natural. It is made from black grapes natural, no dyes added to the final product. It actually consists of a Czech wine known winemaking and expertise is obvious.

Often compared to a wine without alcohol, has the natural flavor of the grapes without cloying sweetness of a grape soda. Red Vinea is known in the Czech Republic as an aid to digestion with high levels of vitamins in the class B. While appeals to all age groups, children seem particularly liked.

SummaryUnlike many traditional Czech cuisine, bars Banany Devilish Sauce and Red Vinea available on a limited basis. To our knowledge, you will not find in grocery stores but are available through selected specialty retailers online.

Tempt your taste buds and enjoy a sample of the Czech Republic!!


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