Food And Drink Of The 19Th Century

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Eat, drink and be merry! It was a cry from the Victorian era and the people of this time attacked his food with great enthusiasm! A revolution in cooking stoves, cooking utensils and kitchen gadgets, combined with the discovery of canning and sterilization of foods, opening endless opportunities for highly motivated home, who has held the position of Cook.

Eating was an event in the Victorian house. Even the breakfast meal featuring a variety of fruit, scones, omelets, bacon and more. The ritual of pouring tea in the afternoon, with its own rituals and develop opportunities to show the best money of the lady, China and the laundry, preparing banquets attended my noble guests he There was always something on the stove in a Victorian kitchen.

In fact, the menu is not very different from what Victorian is served in homes today, or at least in the house where you can still cook. Meat, fish and poultry were common vegetables and fresh or frozen were served with most meals. Meals winter and fall are usually included hearty soups and stews, while chicken dishes and lighter prevailed during the summer.

Holiday meals were special celebrations and called for the finest dishes, including roast lamb, pork or turkey, boiled beef, braised rabbit, Plum Pudding and pies. The baked goods were abundant and the cooks were especially valued for their skills resolutions dessert.

Most meals are served during the night of raw or cooked oysters a popular snack. The second course offered soup or broth with a piece of baked fish or grilled. The main dish, poultry usually roast pork or beef, accompanied by a variety of tasty vegetables, bread, pasta and, often, was presented by the official fashion and the great joy of those who sat around the table.

The dessert featured a number of desserts, cakes and very popular specialties such as Nesselrode and Plum Pudding. Of course, a variety of cheeses and fresh fruit was often used when available.

The wine was not particularly popular, but the beer was and is a favorite beverage in England. But he had alcohol in Victorian home. Lemonade, root beer, hot tea, and, yes, Perrier were popular drinks.

Yes, the Victorians loved to eat and drink. We have to thank for the operation of a long tradition of good food served with flair and a pint of beer!


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