“how to Make Psyche Decisions to Destroy Obesity And Stay Thin For Life.”

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“We should keep strict vigil on the already controlled senses so that they do not get an opportunity to raise their ugly heads. Pure diet is of great help in this regard i.e. in controlling sensual desires and anger.”

By Atharva Veda

The bedrock of this article lies in the issue of ‘Honesty’.

Believe me; being honest about what you want to eat would no longer mean frequent self-indulgences. Being honest now mean becoming consciously aware of either actively choosing to stay fat and unhappy or actively choosing to slim down and stay that way.

You should begin to see that this was a mental process as well as a physical one. Thinking about the decision you would have to  make the rest of your life, then actively making them, you would  in fact ‘living thin’ before you can  lose the first fat pound. That’s what you must set out to do when you came to your decision, and that’s what you will accomplish in carrying it out. In making my decision, I went through same series of steps.

 You will have to come to your own decision, but the steps that you will go through will be the same as every wise weight loss watcher.

Step One: Acknowledge the two food realities of your overweight body

Before we begin on step number one, let’s agree on one thing. I have only peeled back the first few layers of this article in the intro but if you really want to get the truth we are going to get a little more personal. Ok?

Trust me, the desire to overeat, and the food habits supporting that desire. Nobody can deny this, the spirit or mind is willing but the body is weak. Obese people let their bodies overtake their mind. That’s why they remain ‘obese’. Believe me, this is bible truth. If proven otherwise, I’ll gladly eat my hat or accept a pie in the face. Agreed?

Having said and done on step one, let’s move along to step two. Any questions? If ‘no’ then let jump to step two. OK?

Step Two: Express the willingness to confront your “secret” desire

Believe it or not, human by nature regardless of male or female, there is this inherent element to overeat. But knowing the problem is half solving it. However, we must also faithfully acknowledge our responsibility for that desire and the ill effect on your body. Are you then taking drastic steps to confront this desire?  Doing it now is better than waiting for the best time. Believe me, it is NOT a moment too early, it may already be a second too late. Get my drift?

Then shall we move forward to step number three.

Step Three: Allow yourself to honestly feel the genuine desire to change.

In my humble opinion a more realistic view of step number three is none other than these few words i.e. ‘Do not just wishfully think about it.’  Of course you have often heard the term ‘N.A.T.O.’ which basically means ‘No Action! Talk Only.’ We should ask ourselves, what action plan have we drawn up on paper or in ‘black and white’ to prove our desire is genuine. Does that sound simple? If you ask me, I think ‘YES”

Let’s give a loud shot to step number four.

Step Four. Be honest enough with yourself to admit changes have consequences.

In life there are no guarantees. Remember ‘time and tide awaits no man or woman’. Admittedly not changing is a far more painful and difficult way to live. Especially more evident than actively choosing to live your life as a thin person with choices you otherwise would not have them.

Before we dive to step number five, can I ask you one question. ‘Are you getting into this, or it is rubbing you the wrong way?’ Let’s bite the bullet and continue reading step five. I promise it will be worth your while! You can bet your eye balls on this.

Step Five: Actively use your self -honesty as a form of internal strength

To tell you the truth experience have taught me to make this clarifying statement. I’m sure there are some very good questions floating around your brain right now especially on the point of internal strength.  And we just have to get them out at this juncture.  Hence, frankly speaking without doubts you have then to make the right choice to live thin, and be willing to do so for the rest of your life. Tough choice? I believe so!

In summary, this article could be distilled into five key steps. Firstly, acknowledge the two food realities of your overweight body. Secondly, express the willingness to confront your “secret” desire. Thirdly, allow yourself to honestly feel the genuine desire to change. Fourthly, be honest enough with yourself to admit. And lastly, actively use your self -honesty as a form of internal strength. Easy to remember? I believe so.

In conclusion, you cannot expect the process of coming to your decision would be easy or painless. On the other hand, in thinking about going through these steps, it may help you, as it did me or to consider the hopeless alternative of living a fat and desperate live!

     In contemplating this process, you may be asking yourself right now if, like me, you will take nine months to get through it and may gain weight in the interim. In spite of this doubtful syndrome, I do believe you will try it. I have done it! You certainly can. Need I say more?


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