How to Attract 10-25 People into Your Business Weekly

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There is an estimated 95% – 97% failure rate for marketers online. Why? Because they lack the training

and support that it takes to make money online. Most of them really do want to make money online but they

find it difficult to promote their product or service. They have difficulties because no one has taken them by

the hand and shown them how to market. Making just a few changes can quickly turn that failure rate around.

If you truly want to succeed online, you must truly KEEP IT SIMPLE and implement just a few strategies that

will enhance your online visibility.

That being said, there are numerous ways to market your business online, the problem is that most

people have no idea where to start. In my own quest for generating leads, I found that I was making it too

complicated and that I had all the necessary tools right in front of me. It doesn’t matter what you’re marketing

you have to build relationships. People buy from those that they like, know and trust. So what better way to

build a relationship than using Social Networking. There are so many social networking opportunities like

forums, Myspace, Youtube, Squidoo, Twitter, etc. If you’ve discounted social networking to build your

business you’re making a big mistake. There is no need to sign up for all of them, but utilizing the power of social

networking sites will give you access to many opportunities. Using these sites will also bring you some good

search engine listings. Why? Because they have massive traffic and fresh content.

Social Bookmarking is another powerful way of increasing your visibility. Sharing information that is

helpful to others is what social bookmarking is all about. For instance, if you come across an article that teaches

traffic generation and you want to share it with the world, just bookmark it on Digg, Propeller, Reddit or Twitter.

It doesn’t matter if it’s your own content or someone else’s. What better way to build credibility in your industry

than helping someone become better at building their business.

Video Marketing is huge. Just visit Youtube and see how many videos are uploaded and watched per day.

Video is a way of broadcasting your face to the world, remember people buy from people they like, trust and

know. What better way to build a relationship and gain the trust of potentially millions of people across the globe.

With video you become the expert and build credibility, people enjoy watching videos that are valuable or even

funny. Just look at how much television is watched. Besides, it’s free to put up a video and you don’t have to be

an expert, just be yourself.

Article Marketing maybe old school, but it’s still one of the best ways to market your business or service.

Just start out by writing 2-3 good articles about your business or services per week then gradually increase to

2-3 articles per day and you will soon see the potential of attracting new prospects weekly. Just remember to

write good content and again KEEP IT SIMPLE.

Just implementing one new strategy will increase your online business, if you don’t have the time or

patience, you can always outsource. But if you’re new, I would suggest getting familiar with completing these

strategies yourself.

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