Film Review Ra-One of Sharukh Khan

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I am afraid I have to disappoint the fans of Sharukh Khan, that in sum toto the movie is a damp squib. It is a love story, a science fiction film , a 3D all rolled into one and that is perhaps its drawback.

The movie relies too much on Sharukh Khan’s star power and that is another drawback. Sharukh for all his histroinic abilities is somewhat a mis fit for the role. Asa type of superman he just does not fit the bill. I suppose  the Tamil film ‘Robot’ was streets ahead in gripping the audience.

The villain here is Atjun Rampal and the romantic interest is sustained by kareena Kapoor. Rampal comes in too late in the movie as earlier he is shown as a skeleton virtual villain. Thus his effect is minimal. Kareena Kapoor some how looks a bit stale and one can sense that she is a bit of a misfit in the movie.

 The film has a crude sense of humor for a film that is touted as ‘family entertainment. The dialogues are more vulgar than witty and one comes out of the hall feelinga little cheated at the fare dished out. Even the last mortal combat is not half as exciting as the last battle in ‘Robot’.

Millions have been spent on the movie, but it appears in vain. Shrukh has done some sensitive roles in earlier films and perhaps this type of super hero roles is not his forte. Wouldnt it have been better if he had produced a sweet and tender love story? The start of the film with an add on performance by Sanjay Dutt and Priyanka Chopra holds up the main theme of the movie. Director Anubhav Sinha  doesn’ get a grip on the movie with these cameo.  Thus a full hour is wasted before the director comes to grips with the film.

Poor Sharukh has tried very hard and put his all into the role, but then he is not the archtype he man hero. Perhaps Salman is the better bet for these roles. But again the film is on the whole is not engrossing and one keeps sitting in the hope that something better will happen,  after all its a Sharukh film. You keep hoping till the end comes. One wonders why he tried to do a Salman when he could have followed Rajnikant ?


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