How Many Hours Sleep do we Need?

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Humans need to rest and sleep in a certain amount depending on each level of development.Up to a certain extent, heredity determines how people sleep during his lifetime.Identical twins for example, have more in common than the sleep patterns of non identical twins or siblings.Differences in sleep and waking seem to be inborn.There are such terms and statements, owls and birds who like to sing in the morning, sleepyhead, and conversely, those that are fresh, lively after sleeping for 5 hours and other persons who groggy (dizziness, headache, staggering)) when they slept less than 9 hours.

Nonetheless, there are many factors that can affect how a person sleeps.Age factor is the most important influence on the basis of a person’s sleep rhythm, because age affects how much sleep is obtained in one particular night effect on sleep architecture as well as in person.

In childhood.

For adults slept like a baby sleep not only be one thing that is not realistic, but also one thing that is not desired.A newborn may sleep 8 times a day, accumulating a total of 18 hours of sleep and spent about half of the condition of REM sleep.Rem sleep is a condition or circumstances when a person is sleeping, in which the eyes move quickly and eyelids remain in a closed state.The period of non-REM to REM cycles are shorter, typically last a long time less than an hour.

Around the age of four weeks, newborns sleep periods become longer.Towards six months, infants spend longer periods of sleep and non REM sleep periods more regular, mostly started sleeping through the night and slept intermittently in the morning and afternoon.In times of preschool age, daytime naps are only intermittently will gradually diminish, until the age of six years most children do not sleep all day and sleep ssekitar 10 hours in the evening.

Between the ages of seven and puberty, the production of nocturnal melatonin peak, and sleep patterns at this age is a deep and refreshing sleep.At this age, if a child sleepy during the day, ni thing to note why and what reason could be like that.

Nocturnal melatonin is a hormone produced by the pineal gland which is in the brain and the formation of this hormone is triggered by the dark (nocturnal / night).Melatonin hormone levels will also reach its peak around late morning hours of 02 00-04 00 and reached the lowest levels in the afternoon this hari.Hormon helped regulate the body’s biorhythms or rhythm in terms of sleeping arrangements.

This hormone will naturally decline with age humans will typically experience a drastic decline around the age of 40 years.Therefore, with the decline of the hormone melatonin is the quality of sleep the will decline and the impact that is often experienced sleep rhythm is changed so that sometimes have trouble sleeping


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