Difficult Toilet, What Should I Eat And Prevention Tips

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Constipation is a common problem and is common in the gastrointestinal tract.Where you have difficulty in bowel movement or you rarely defecate.Tiinja you may be very hard, which makes it difficult to remove, so make you have to take pains to remove it.Or you may feel like a bowel movement even after you’ve done it.

How often should you defecate?
Not everyone has bowel movements once a day.Not really a statement that says that you should have a bowel movement every day to be a habit or pattern of bowel movements regular.Distance or time range of the normal bowel movement is between 3 times a day to 3 times a week.You may become constipated if you begin to experience frequent bowel movements less than that normally occurs.

What penyabab occurrence of constipation?
When the food we eat go through the digestive tract, your body takes nutrients or nutrients and water from the food.This process will create a name that will be issued stool through the intestines by intestinal contractions.

Some things can memepengaruhi process.These include: not enough fluid intake, lack of activity such as sports and other activities, do not eat enough fiber foods, consumption of certain drugs, do not rush to the bathroom when you are intending bowel movement and regularly using laxativesor laxatives can also cause constipation.Constipation are also common in pregnant women.There are several things that cause stool to move more slowly through the intestines, which leads to the onset of constipation.

How semebelit treated?
Eat foods with enough fiber and drink plenty of fluids is key in treating constipation.By drinking plenty of fluids and fiber foods will help movement of stool through the intestines by increasing the garbage on the stool and make the stool softer.Increased physical activity will also help in overcoming constipation.

Consult a doctor if things happen the following:
New constipated and do not usually suffer from constipation.
Constipation occurs for 3 weeks or more despite home treatment such as dietary changes, increased activity, drinking enough water, etc.
Abdominal pain
There is blood in the stool
You Losing weight for no apparent reason.
Some tips on prevention of constipation
Do you ignore or resist the urge to defecate.
Set aside time for defecation.A good time might be after breakfast or any other time.
Eat more fiber foods such as vegetables and fruits.
Drink plenty of fluids.8 glasses of water a day is good.Which includes liquids include: water, juice, soup, tea and other beverages.
Do not take laxatives (laxatives) too often.Excessive use of laxatives can damage the feces and can make constipation worse happens.
Often exercise or activity.
Limit foods high in fat and sugar (like sweets, cheese, processed foods).These foods can cause constipation.
What should we eat?
Eat foods with enough fiber.It is recommended at least 2 cups or 2 and a half cups of vegetables each day.Suggested in laki-laki/pria age 50 years or younger in order to consume at least 38 grams of fiber each day.Meanwhile, in women aged 50 years or younger should consume at least 25 grams of fiber per day.Exstra extra fiber to your diet by eating cereals that contain bran (bran) may also help.

If you add fiber to your diet, start slowly and gradually add the amount of fiber.This will help in reducing the amount of gas (flatus), which disahilakan or to reduce bloating because of the amount of gas that is widely produced.Make sure to drink plenty of water.

Foods rich in fiber include:
From wheat bran is not processed.
Breakfast with raw grains
Bread of class and Grains Brown rice (brown rice)
Fresh fruits
Dried fruits such as plums / dried plums, apricots (trees with yellow fruits and seeds of the dried), figs.
Of vegetables.
Beans (red beans, green beans, pinto beans).
Should we use laxatives or laxative drugs?
Laxatives or laxatives in general should be avoided.Laxatives are not dimaksutkan for long-term usage.Except bulk-forming laxatives.

Laxatives work naturally pembenuk trash bin and add water to the stool so that stool can pass more easily through the intestines.Bulk-forming laxatives can be used every day, such as psyllium (Metamucil trade name), polycarbophil (FiberCon) and methylcellulose (Citrucel).

How to use bulk-forming laxatives used?
If you use these types of drugs, you should use on a daily basis to enable them to function / work.Follow label directions pad usage.Start slowly and drink plenty of fluids.Gradually increase the amount of usage every 3-5 days (as you can afford it) until your stools softer and easier to remove.

You can create a sense of bulk-forming laxatives become more comfortable with mixing them with fruit juice.

Do bulk-forming laxatives have side effects?
At first you might feel bloated / full, bloated (a lot of gas in the stomach) or cramping, especially if you start taking too much or increase the amount you’re using too quickly.These symptoms will disappear within a few weeks.

Is mineral oil is a good laxative?
Mineral oil for laxatives typically used only when your doctor recommends.Like when you are undergoing or have recently had surgery and should not strain in bowel movement.Laxatives such as mineral oil (mineral oil) should not be used regularly.If used regularly, it can cause a deficiency of vitamin A, D, E and K.

Do you need to try Enema?
Enema is generally not used and is required to relieve constipation.The better option is to let your body works naturally in relieving constipation.

What aklibatnya if we use laxatives and enemas in the long run?
Since the dependence on the drug, then you may have to retrain your body without laxatives or enemas if you’ve been using them in a long time.This means eating plenty of fiber, the use of bulk-forming laxative, drinking plenty of fluids, adequate exercise and activities and learning to give yourself time to have a bowel movement.

If you have been using laxatives and enemas for a long time, your doctor may advise you to reduce gradually to give your body a chance to return to normal.Patience is important, because it will take many months for your stools return to normal if you use it regularly.Consult a doctor if there are important issues bekenaan with the things mentioned above.


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