Alcohol Addiction, How to Know If You Have Problems With Alcohol, Effects Alcohol, Alcoholism? Why Should Stop?

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How can you tell if alakohol is a problem for you?.Alcohol is a problem if alcohol causes various problems in parts of your life.These issues, among others in your health, your work and your life at home as well as other problems in parts of your life.You may have a problem with alcohol if you are thinking about: drinking almost every time, if you keep trying to stop yourself from inside but could not stop or if you frequently drink to excess than what you planned.

Ask yourself the following questions:
If the answer is yes between one or more of the following questions, you may have problems with alcohol.Have you ever felt:
Need to reduce drinking?
Disturbed by the criticism because of drinking?
Guilty of drinking liquor.
It is as necessary as liquor in the morning?
A problem with alcohol?

Most people just think ‘bum / slum lazy “when they think of someone who has issues with alcohol.This is the name of the final stage of alcohol problems, as a drinker of alcohol lost family members, jobs and health due to alcohol abuse.You can not reach this stage overnight.

You may show little obvious changes throughout the day, starting with drinking more than you want or plan or more than keamaan dose when you are doing activities such as driving a car or motorcycle.

Most people find it difficult to recognize if alcohol is a problem for him.Often the people around you may notice that it is a problem before you know it.Think about the things mentioned here.Think about what your friends and your family tell you about your drinking habits.Then talk to your doctor about your problem is.

Here are other signs that alcohol is a problem.
Anxiety or concern
Being suspicious incredible.
Not aware / Reduced or memory loss.
Driving while under the influence of alcohol.
The loss of self esteem.
Not perform self-care
Low work performance
Through the day with pain on waking in the morning after drinking too much
Hand shaking / tremors
In men an interruption in the erection (erectile dysfunction)
How alcohol affects your health?

Alcohol is the most well recognized as a cause sirrosis liver, liver disease / liver.In addition, alcohol gave the many influences on your health.Alcohol is a major penyabab deaths and injuries due to accidents.Alcohol can also adversely affect the baby during pregnancy.Alcohol can cause gastritis / gastric ulceration due to gastric bleeding or injury to or irritation of the stomach lining.

What are the causes of alcoholism?

The cause of alcoholism is not fully known.History of alcoholism on a family (any family member who is also happy to drink alcohol / alcoholism) increased the chance of alcoholism in a person.gender factors also played a part, and men seem more at risk than women.Some people drink alcohol to relieve or free yourself from anxiety, depression, stress, loneliness, self doubt or unhappiness.

Why should you stop drinking?

Stop drinking alcohol is the only way to mengehentikan cause of alcohol problems in your life.May not be easy to stop from alcoholism.But your attempt to quit will be paid with better health conditions, relationships with friends and family members as well as a harmonious masaryarakat and could also mean an achievement.When you think about quitting, you may want and need to make a list of reasons to quit drinking alcohol.

How do I stop?

The initial step is to realize that you are controlling your own behavior.That is the only real control you have in your life.So use your conscience as control your behavior.Next steps are:
Commit to quit.Once you decide to quit, you can create a plan-the plan to ensure your success.
Find and get help from a competent physician.Physicians can become the best advocates for you.Alcoholism is a disease, and alcoholism can be treated.Talk to your doctor or consultant about your problems to be helped and resolved.
Get support.Contact or make contact with the organization / group or a national consulting agency alcohol and drug dependence.They can give you the tools and support you need to stop from alcoholism.Ask for support and help from friends and family members as well.
When you drink alcohol, your body tries to catch the influence or effects of pressure / depresant of alcohol.This will build a tolerance to alcohol that leads to severe withdrawal symptoms when people are accustomed to drinking alcohol excessively quit the habit.

Severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms include seeing the shadow of a no-no, attacks and severe delirium (confusion, see the picture of life, severe tremors (shaking), be very suspicious), and even death can occur.This is why you need care from your doctor if you previously heavy drinkers and tried to quit the habit.


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