6 Rules When Eating Out of Home

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In general, foods that are in the restaurant is not as healthy as you prepare your own food at home.In one case, food-eating in restorant more likely to be high-fat-bad fat / saturated fat, high glycemic, and or containing both components.Both components were not obvious or apparent to the eye, but the butter you can find in all things at the restaurant because the chef or restaurant chef likes to embellish and trained to use it freely even in a healthy diet of even-then he looks for fresh vegetables.

Glycemic is a level which indicates how much a food can increase sugar levels in the body.Examples of foods with high glycemic potatoes and honey is low while the apples and grapes.Rice includes foods with high glycemic index.

Another sad side of eating food in the restaurant is the size of food portions.Hraga shall we say food is relatively cheap, as a result, portions of food that we buy too big and belebihan for your needs, especially at fast food restaurant.But if you are smart about what you order, the amount / portion of food, you can get healthy foods, including desserts when you eat outdoors.

Here are some pointers when eating outside the home:
Avoid fried foods.Frying food will add more fat on food than the food on skewers, grilled, broiled / team or dogoreng with a little oil and only briefly.Fried chicken restaurant often use hydrogenated oils (hydrogenated oils-oil processed by high temperatures reply, so the fatty acid levels more than the normal amount (the so-called trans fat), a source of trans fat, which is detrimental to our health.

Avoid dish or food served with broth / gravy and sauces berlebhan / lot.Because the broth / gravy is often made with droplets of liquid from the pan of meat, which is relatively high in saturated fats (saturated fat).Many types of sauces are made or made with cream which is also high in saturated fats.

Ask the waiter how much (portion of) the main dishes are served.If the meals are too large of a dish that you normally eat, consider ordering an appetizer instead, or a variety of main dishes with others.And you do not have to eat everything on your plate.Bring home the rest of the excess of dishes for lunch tomorrow.

Find out how to dish or prepared foods.Ask if your favorite food made with butter or animal fat.If true, ask the presenter of food so that food is prepared using olive oil instead, or with baked, or steamed / team or sauteed / fried briefly with a little oil.Avoid food, disiapan dish or served with lots of cream or cheese.

Eat a healthy light snack like a piece of fruit or some carrots before leaving.In this way, you will not feel very hungry when you arrive at a restaurant that will eat it greedily everything on the table on the state of hunger.This will prevent the possibility of glycemic load were included in your body.

Share desserts.If you want a dessert with a sweet tooth, try to divide it with another dish on your desk.You will get the full flavor, but only parts of calories, sugars and saturated fats.

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