Runes of Magic Review

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“Runes of Magic” is a free fantasy MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game). There are no monthly fees and you don’t have to pay to download the game, so there’s nothing stopping you from getting in and checking out the world.

Dive into Taborea, a magical world full of wonders and ancient mysteries. Adventure, make new friends, meet and battle mythical and dangerous creatures, and solve the puzzle of the long perished kingdoms.

I will have to admit that I enjoyed this game immensely, there are some unique features in the game that I absolutely love.

There is a macro system in the game where you can hold a series of spells or skills in them and all you have to do is load them in and push a button to use them. This is great for priests or buffing skills where you can one click buff you or your group. This is also great for 1v1 battles on monsters or even pvp.

You can set up the macros in game settings menu > Macros. The spell or skill combinations are endless and you are free to customizes them however you want. You are only limited to a 255 character limit.

Another great feature is that you can have your own house! You have the opportunity to spend some time in your house and earn crafting experience and talent point and training experience. However you need to purchase some items in the item shop or the Phirius Token shop to decorate your house. Different items can be purchases serve different purposes so choose wisely.

If you are spending alot on furniture for your house you might need to start expanding your house with your house energy which can be purchased with diamonds. The more furniture you have the more exp, talent points you can get.

Inventory space can become a problem if you don’t purchase some cash shop items to expand the slots in your bag. When you are picking up lots of runes and daily quest trinkets plus gears your slots start to fill up quickly and gets annoying having to go to the house bank or npc to sell them every 15 minutes.

The inventory bag comes with the item mall bag, item trash, arcane transmuter and item organize.

This game also has a auto move feature where you can follow someone in or out of your party and also to move to certain locations on the map.

This feature is a little bit buggy as you sometimes get stuck especially when you are following another person. You also pull aggro as you are going so you need to pay a bit of attention when you are letting the feature move you.

One of my more favorite additions of the game is the mini map. It shows you crafting resources and also quest pickups. You can also see what monsters you need to kill or pick up on the mini map as little dots. There have been many times in other games where I get a little frusterated when i am looking for the right monsters to kill to complete quests.

I would reccomend giving this game a try. It has alot of quests and is the main way to level in this game as grinding is not a viable option to level. The game has dungeons and instances and big bosses to raid. There is plenty to do with Rune crafting, equipment crafting and much more.

Dual Class! Yes i remember regular PC games where you could dual class your builds and use a combination of the skills. Well Runes of Magic has it! There are numerous combination types that you can play for example mage/priest or warrior/rogue. With unlimited possibilities of combinations and purpose specific builds this game will be just as fun as the first time playing through to end game.

How it works? Once you reach level 10 you have the oppurtunity to take on a new dual class. The best thing to do is to do some planning on what combination you want to use before deciding on the perfect class build for you. Fortunately it doesn’t take long to get to level 10 so you can reroll if you are unhappy with your build. Leveling each class can be a little bit of a pain. Each class has a separate set of quests that you can complete. Best way to level them is evenly… finish one map quests, then switch to your other class and finish the quests on the same map before moving on.

You skill capabilities are a little limited depending on your primary or secondary class. If you are switched to your primary class you can us the full range of skills for that class however you wont be able to use the full set of your secondary class as you will be limited to the basic of secondary skills. The great thing is that you can switch your primaries and secondaries to meet your play style, quests, raids ect.

I hope you enjoyed this review and I recommend playing this game if you are looking for a new game to play.


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