Sun Lite Moon

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This is a picture of the moon in the middle of the day. I took this on a plane on my way back from the West Coast. As we flew along I looked out and noticed how beautiful the sky and the moon looked. I grabbed my camera and began to snap away. I really enjoy taking pics while I am in the air. You can get shots that you just cannot get while on the ground.

I have tried many times to get good pictures of the moon from the ground, but never have been able to capture it with my camera. This is the best photo I have been able to take and from the air.

Here is a short poem I wrote about the precious moon and its beauty. The closer I get to it, the more I just want to get closer. Oh how I wish I could visit this royal wonder and explore her precious surface.

Day Lite Moon

Oh moon, oh moon, you beautiful globe,

just hanging there exuting your strobe.

So big and pretty you are as I gaze,

although I see you in all these days.

You show yourself to me now,

thank you for your blessid vow.

To shine at night and now in day,

I look at you and I must say,

your beauty I will always see,

no matter the time it is to me.


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