Fun Places To Go in 3D

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I am on twitter,so follow me there for updates,and the latest on celeb news.No gossip,just news from them.

Also, I have been a member of a 2D/3D online social networking site by the name of kaneva.

Kaneva,has a 2D site where members can join for free,create their own free profiles,where they can upload youtube videos,videos they make themselves,and add media like music,photos,and what we call patterns.

There is also the opportunity for members to create up to 10 free communities,where they can upload the same type of media that they would add to their personal profiles,but the exciting part,is that members can create fan pages for their favorite celebrity,musician,or anything they have a passion for.

Upon creating your free account,there is a kepclient,that can be downloaded to your computer,for fun in 3D where all of your friends are waiting to hang out with you,go shopping in the kaneva mall,that has a bank for storing any building materials,clothing,or assets you would like to keep for later use.

There are an assortment of clothing stores for both men and women,a goth store for both to update their goth look,furniture stores,with sofas,chairs,beds,lamps,tables for dining and for visiting,chairs,and even place settings complete with goblets of silver,gold,and crystal,beautiful plates and bowls,salad fixings,and food platters,candle settings,and so much more. There is a home builders shop where you can purchase the latest building supplies for creating your own hangout or home. They also have a beautiful plaza,where you can visit the lawn and leisure shop for plants,trees,boats,docks,staircases and railings of every style,windows,roofing,and anything else you would need to create that spectacular hangout or home.

They also have a Reators shop,where you will find deeds for island homes and hangouts,mountain retreats,conference rooms,small coffee houses,manor homes,city lofts,and much more.

All of your media is there,in the virtual world of kaneva once you enter your free home that can be totally personalized to fit your own personal style.

I hope you will check it out. I am darkfaerie47 there.


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