Horse Gait

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The movement of the horse’s feet and legs are called air. There are about two groups of shapes, natural gait and gait acquired. The four natural gaits are walk, trot, canter and gallop. Some people believe that the cantor and gallop as a process. A process carried out by untrained and natural impulse is called a natural approach. Aires that require specific training and practice are acquired air.

The journey is a process that is beaten flat fours, natural and slow. In turn, the horse has three legs on the floor and the other left foot, except for a brief moment when the weight is transferred from one foot to the other. Head and neck of the horse easily up and down the promenade. This helps to maintain balance. The trip, even if a natural approach can be improved through training. If your horse is well trained, it must be able to walk four miles an hour.

Ravi average about eight miles an hour. This is a wide variation of speed, but has two victories on foot. A very slow trot is called a run. Jog trot is generally seen in Western classrooms. Drivers need to learn special skills in order to support the trot without bouncing. Up to higher speeds in a race at the trot and email, most of the pilots, especially in English riding. Writing to you to be pushed out of the saddle, and also keeps you from bouncing on the horse’s back without harming the horse. The horse race is an effective way. Hours to keep trotting of a horse in good condition.

Canter has three victories on foot. Right or left is a slightly diagonal movement. Western middle class is called Lope fast gallop. Lead is a broader front leg is moved slightly extended rear leg on the same side. Gallop has done is lead to the left or right. Properly conduct a horse with a better balance. The lead must be replaced every extra effort on your feet because of the strike separately.

On average, about 25-30 miles an hour gallop is the fastest horse gait. The wild horse has been used to escape predators or to cover short distances quickly. Gallop extended-known term. In Classic Horse Race Horse is used for walking. Rarely has a galloping horse more than 1 or 2 miles before they need to rest.

Pace with the front and back legs on the same side to start and stop at the same time. Two legs are always up and running. Rider is rocked from side to side slowly, relatively comfortable. And ‘the speed of walking instead of walking on the road.

Be slower and more broken in cadence as the pace of Amble is a lateral gait. It’s faster than a walk but slower than a gallop. These are four-stage battle. The fox trot, running walk and rack are all gaits significant pace. The pacing gait is smooth for the rider and may be longer. They are good when the rider must remain in the saddle for extended periods.


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