Motorcycle Safety Helmet

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Motorcycle helmet is a helmet worn by motorcyclists. Motorcycle safety is the main objective of the hull. The helmet will help protect, prevent or reduce injury to the head that can save the lives of pilots. Many helmets provide additional conveniences, such as mask, ear protection and ventilation There are two components that are protective: a thin, hard outer polycarbonate plastic, fiberglass or Kevlar lining thick polystyrene or polypropylene smooth “EPS” foam. The purpose of the outer layer is to prevent the head from being pierced by a sharp object that could hit the helmet. Also provide a structure for the inner lining so it does not disintegrate into abrasive contact with the road .. There are many basic types of helmets, motocross helmets modular and half just to name a few.

Motocross helmets

A motocross helmet visor and chin portions of time. The motocross helmet visor allows the pilot to get his head to provide additional protection from debris during the off-road driving. Also block the sun during jumps. Partially open face helmet motocross rider provides additional protection glasses and allows air under the physical action in the riding.

Face Helmets

Modular helmets, and know the “flip-helmets” or “convertible” is a hybrid between full face and open face for road use. Modular Helmet Chin Chin Bar Bar to turn a special lever to release most of the face, like an open helmet. The most modular helmets are designed to worn close to the station while driving, but some of the dual certification modular helmets are full face helmet and open. Anyone wearing a helmet modular find it convenient to eat, drink or talk without removing the helmet or strap extensions, which makes them popular with many riders.

Half helmets

Half helmet, also known as Shorty hull design even before it openly, but not down, I eat a plate. The half helmet provides the minimum coverage allowed by law in the United States and British standards. Half helmets are made with snaps on the front that can be used to protect or visor. They lined zip neck joint is removable, making it ideal for warm days and cold to take days off to put on. Because this helmet does not cover the entire face is not uncommon for pilots to wear glasses, sunglasses or goggles.


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