Stephen Covey Can Help You to Become a Manager.

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“Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”, by Stephen Covey is a model for life and definitely for management and leadership. The routines are pertinent to someone who desires to be a top manager. Review each habit…better yet, read his book. But here is a quick outline as to how to become a manager by using Dr. Covey’s seven habits:

Habit One: Be Proactive
Covey stated that persons who are proactive take initiative and act. It’s the ability to take action, especially when others won’t or can not take action, that seperates a people. Taking responsibility for your choices and actions will take you far in your desire to be a manager.

Habit Two: Start with the Finish in Mind
Take the time to imagine the possible outcomes of situations. If you can live with the outcome then you are proably on track. In order to become a manager you will need to have a vision for the future for yourself, your team and the company you work for. The more you and your team can envision the future the faster you’ll achieve.

Habit Three: Prioritize
Putting what comes first, first, means dealing with the most important issues before addressing less important ones. To become a manager you will need to prioritze what truly is the most important task to accomplish first. Once you have prioritized your tasks…take action. Having said that, if you are not certain, sometimes the best thing to do is to ask your superior. Tell them what you believe are the top three priorities and see what they say. If they think differently then the will appreciate your ability to clarify.

Habit Four: Think Win/Win
This is key. In order to be the best manager, it does not mean that others have to be pushed aside or made to feel insignificant. A great manager will work hard to respect and value all of the people they manage and develop solutions in which every party feels respected.

Habit Five: First Attempt to Comprehend, Then to be Comprehended
It should be your initial priority to comprehend other individual’s views, whether or not you agree with it. Genuine focus to comprehension and listening will provide fresh information and will be truly appreciated.

Habit Six: Synergise
A great manager will look to build upon the talents of their entire team. Varied perspectives, values and talents can be harnessed to make the whole team stronger. When we work synergistically with others we can accomplish more with less and each person feels special because they are contributing to the team.

Habit Seven: Sharpen the Saw
This is the habit that causes all the other habits to be a possibility in Covey’s opinion. Sharpening the saw is the process of personal growth, self-renewal and learning. I believe that we should always be learning. The most important thing that we could learn from the school classroom was how to learn. Since in order to grow and excel throughout life we will always be needing to learn and stretch ourselves…sharpen our saw.

These seven habits are a great foundation to becoming a manger. Follow them and you will be well on your path to become a great manager.


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