Our Planet IN Danger

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Destiny of the Planet in hands of scientists,
Whether will carry by this time?

The United Nations and the world states indifferently observe, how scientists of CERN “at random” and with the muffled purpose conduct UNPREDICTABLE experiments on Large Hadron Collider (LHC).
Than it can end?

Essence of experiments with LHC in that using the most powerful electromagnets to disperse protons – primary particles of substance of the Universe, the origin and which structure isn’t known – and to push together on counter directions, trying to observe that thus occurs and to understand that it means.

These experiments can be compared to employment of people which beat plates and, enjoying a ring, study with microscopes splinters. For 100 years have described every possible forms of splinters – cubes, cones, prisms, spheres, parallelepipeds, tetrahedrons, octahedrons, icosahedrons (from above 300), and already search for the particles predicted by their science in the form of a dumbbell or the weight. Sooner or later, it is possible also these will find. But if they beat plates …

Their basic method collider’s sciences – increase of luminosity of a collider «at random in unpredictable», i.e. escalating of energy and frequency of collision of particles that it raises STATISTICAL PROBABILITY of possibility nobody a miracle. They hope that in the end-ends there will be “SOMETHING” about what they will write dissertations. And if “SOMETHING” is magnificent will receive also the Nobel Prize.

Designed capacity LHC of 10 times above a record of the predecessor (Tevatron in the USA). Energy of collisions of particles in it in millions times more energy of synthesis of atom of helium from atoms of the hydrogen occurring at explosion of a hydrogen bomb, quantity of collisions – billions times a second, temperature in a point of impact – in 100 thousand times above, than in the Sun center. Such energy of collision of protons, according to these scientists, will already allow them to create in a collider (on a manned planet!) conditions which existed in the first fractions of a second after the Big Bang which has created the Universe (which reason for them it is unknown), and to look that after that will be!

Think, what it is possible to understand about the Universe reasonable basis, it is artificial creating and observing in microscopes such collisions? And you will understand the crisis reason in the theoretical physics. The method of such experiments is an ignoring of philosophy and science methodology, basic change of an essence of observable objects to their full inadequacy to the rational Nature.


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