Being A Digital Photographer And Make A Living

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Photography is one of the most satisfying passwords that nobody can have. Picture worth a thousand words. A photo can capture a moment and keep it forever. Photos are memories and treasures that people are willing to pay. The sale of the images is a profitable business if you understand how the system works. You can sell your photos for collectors and web site owners who are looking for unique high quality photos.

Learn how to earn money from the camera the following tips and advice:

Select the images. You can have thousands and thousands of pictures, but then one must ask which of these pictures worthy of customers ‘money’. Think clarity, uniqueness, creativity, rarity and effect. Image itself should tell a story without putting a caption. The most important thing here is that you should avoid mediocre shots to prevent clients from losing interest in your work.

Create an account on Flickr. This is probably the most popular site for sharing photos in the world. In this site, you will meet many professional photographers and individuals who have an “eye” for beauty. Upload your best photos and get views and comments from people all over the web. People believe will help you identify areas that need improvement. You can also use this site to invite customers to purchase a license for your images to include your contact information in your profile.

Upload your best photos to micro stock sites. Turn your passion into a high paying career by contributing your photos to micro stock sites like iStockphoto and Dreamtime. But you must be prepared to commit to the pressures and demands large quantities of this profession. Most buyers of shares are in search of rare images, so you always have to come up with new ideas. Be aware also that it should not be your main source of income. Some fans are just using these sites to get ideas on what kind of customers are looking for images.

Create your own blog or web page. A blog is a powerful tool to show your collection. Sort your photos the most amazing and upload to your site. This will be your online portfolio. That’s cool, updating transparent and can be easily found by potential customers. Choose a niche. You can be a wedding and event photographer. Or you can be a nature photographer and wildlife. Consider your passion and interests when choosing a niche.

Promote themselves. It is almost impossible to generate income from this hobby, if customers can not find. It is therefore extremely important to have a little blog where you can post your best photos. Promoting your website with SEO, joined as art fairs, and send your images to web galleries. The exhibition will help you keep in touch with potential buyers. Also, try to make some shots to magazines online, even for free. It does not matter, but if you do not receive money from their contribution, but asks to be credited for your submission. This will build your confidence and to be exposed to large customers.

Aspiring photographers who plan to sell the photos to micro stock sites must understand that it may take some time before they can make money from the sale. Stick with the top 5 sites and forget those less popular.


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