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Owning your own home when having a conversation might seem out of the question with high unemployment, foreclosure soaring.

Picking up a newspaper and reading all of the gloom over the horizon one would think that you buying a home in this economy would be ludcrist. Nothing could be farter from the truth, buying a home will always be a best investment you will ever make. Owning property may decrease in value and some may lose while not properly position their investment that is collateral damage can’t save everyone when times are hard.

Properly planning buying property at market price is never a good idea, when you are buying house just like making a stock investment you always the most home you can afford at a price that has some value in it that will earn you some profit at the close of the sale.

All this mean and you are negotiating down you are purchasing value. when you buy a home you should be buying a property that when you close you should have some equity all ready built in.

We need to go back to make the point real estate is a investment, you should buy real estate like any other commody, it  market value to sale value should allow you to purcahse your first property and give you a profit at the closing.

There are seller in every market that need to get rid of a property and list it for sale price, that start the sale process, the longer a home has been on the market the greater the opportunity there is to purchase the property at discount.

Several reason can be high lighted as to why owners will agree to sale a home creating equity on the purchase, inherited, divorce, loss of job, moving, has more than one property and the list goes on.

Now is a great time because of the collaspe in the world economy, real estate loss a lot of it value and now you can look at it as a smorgaboard where it bargain ever where.

When the recovery complete and housing price bounce back savvy buyers in this market will be the ones that gain the greatest amount of return on their investment.

You will want to invest where you will have the best opportunity to get good return on your investment property. Even if this is your primary resident it is your investment property you happen to be your own tenant.

Think you can not afford to own a home, until the rules change there are still perks to being a home owner that you just can not receive as a renter.

There are many different ways to get possession of a property so that you can start to build up equity on the property be creative and look into different ways of purchasing property.

Sure there are a lot of foreclosures but do not see it as something negative, it opening door that will never be experienced again in our life time. For the first time in history you can get a home and it will be more home than you thought you would ever be able to afford simply because real estate prices, interest are all time lows.

You can get in this game and give yourself and family the peace of mind that comes from owning your own home.


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