Obesity is an Imbalance Between Energy Output And Energy Intake

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In other words, it is an imbalance between how much we eat and how much we exercise.

We consume energy in the form of food eaten and beverages taken. We also use or utilize energy by spending it. When more energy is stored in the body, it is stored in the form of fat in certain fatty areas of the body. We all know where the flab appears; in the thighs, arms, the belly and, of course, those awful tires at the back. 

The amount off at stored depends upon the number and size that fat cells in the body. Once those fat cells increase and enlarge in size, it is very difficult to shrink them. That is the reason that an overweight person finds it very difficult to lose weight. It is better to prevent overweight rather than try to lose it. The age old proverb’ an ounce of prevention is better a pound of cure’ is the most apt statement for obesity than any other condition.

Obesity is result of:

Decreased output – increased intake

Sedentary life style –overeating

No exercise tolerance- up right– faulty food habits

No inclination to exercise- down left – excessive sweets

Not being bothered about – excessive fats

Appearance – compulsive eating stress

These groups of factors work both ways and form a viscous circle.

Hazards of obesity

Poor physical appearance

Loss of self –esteem and inferiority complex due to peer remarks

Low exercise tolerance

Wearing out of bones and joint (osteoarthritis of weight bearing joints)

Increase in harmful lipids (cholesterol and triglycerides) in the body

Thickening of blood vessels

Heart attacks



Varicose veins and swelling in the feet

Cancer of various organs

Premature death

All these hazards occur abort about 15 to 20 years earlier in an obese patient than in his/her normal-weight counter part. The more obese the person the more hazardous is the consequences.

Any sick or unfit person was incapable of survival. It was nature’s mechanism to keep the balance between various species that disease was used as a means of elimination. Thus, nature ensured that only the fittest of the species survived and procreated.  


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