31 Tips For Your Blog to Succeed

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The list below provides the 31 top tips for your blog have a explosive success!

Create a catchy domain name;
Use keywords to help your blog be found in the major search engines;
Turn your blog into a WordPress blog;
There is one more to have a Blog. Choose a niche and create a catchy theme and quality to mark your blog. This will make it to their readers, an expert on the subject chosen;
Search engines can send a lot of traffic to your blog, especially Google as I always say, but you need to learn how to make this happen, through some basic techniques of SEO (it will be revealed within the Advanced Course BlogAgora. com.br);
Write quality content and post an article pretty and easy to understand;
Calling the attention of your readers through some techniques used in a WordPress Blog (the main advanced marketing techniques you will learn in our course BlogAgora.com.br);
Include links to the pages of your blog, making an internal link between the new posts and old posts.This will increase the viewing of pages in your blog;
Include a list of related posts at the end of each article. This will allow your visitors to easily discover relevant articles from its archives to bring more subscribers, more page views and increase the time spent by visitors on your blog this is done with a special plugin called “Related Posts” – Learn how to install this and many other plugins for success in your blog plugins accessing the advanced training within the Advanced Course by clicking here;
Activate the Akismet plugin to save time and protect your blog from spam comments;
To be successful with your blog, you must have a clear goal to focus on achieving it, because you need to work for a long period of time without losing focus;
Enable Security button in WordPress so that no records of other registered users as administrators (special plugin);
Building themes to make your blog even more personalized;
Mark your blog with an image header;
Follow the statistics of their subscribers and feed them with newsletters generating relationships with them and increasing their credibility (this is pure gold!)
Allow your visitors to communicate through e-mail;
Allow your visitors to place comments on your blog and be notified when a new comment is posted for them come back and comment again;
Build a sitemap for your blog, so search engines will find it easier to index files from your blog (special plugin);
Use the method “Scannable” because most people do not read every word of your post. Make your articles using sub-headings, short paragraphs, bulleted list, and so on;
Use Widgets to your Blog (all about widgets you find here);
Make a backup of your blog as you run the risk of losing all your articles and comments if any invasion;
Include at least one image in each article, as this is the simplest way to capture the attention of your visitors;
To be successful with your blog you need to be disciplined, write in your blog regularly and work consistently over a long period of time, even without seeing great initial results;
Remove broken links on your blog because search engines and your readers do not like broken links (special plugin);
Reading is fundamental, because for inspiration to the next post you need to read, read and read … Make notes and be connected with the world to have new ideas and quality information for your visitors;
Be an active person, do physical activities to be always ready and keep your mind sharp for new ideas;
Establish contacts with other bloggers. You can exchange experiences, to be asked to write a post for another blog and just start to get recognition in the virtual world (see the interview with Fernando Augusto BLOG EmpreendedorX granted to the blog by clicking here);
Add a Blog to your contact page with your details and a contact form for your visitors to know the address to contact you and register to receive your newsletter;
If you wish to have advertisers on the blog, set up a Media Kit and put it in your blog;
Always promote your blog! Be connected with your target audience and show them that you are expert in helping to promote your blog;
Answer and always thank the comments from your readers. I hope I have helped you to increase the popularity of your blog, they are great tips Fernando Augusto … Until next Disclose Personal


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