Is Drinking Bottle Gourd Juice Poisonous?

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Modern people who are fed up with conventional medicines seek alternative medicines to be relieved from their ailments. Ancientmedicines such as Ayurveda and Siddha suggest herbal remedies for such treatments. Most of the alternative medicines are reliable and have no side effects like conventional tablets or drugs. But there are also some drawbacks in such medicines which have to be studied in detail and guided properly.

The habit of drinking juice early in the morning

Ayurveda treatments suggest that drinking juices of certain vegetables can check the evil effects of diseases like diabetes and cholesterol. It has become a regular custom in India to drink juice of bitter gourd or bottle gourd for diabetes. Alternative medicinessuggest that drinking one or
two glasses of fresh bottle gourd juice in the morning on an empty stomach can cure diabetes. You can find a lot of portable vendors in the Indian cities, selling such juices in their mobile carts.
Most of the chronic patients are benefited by this habit.

Recent adverse consequences that alert the world

Recently a 59-year-old man who had the practice of drinking bottle gourd juice early in the morning in empty stomach developed complications one day after drinking the bottle gourd juice which had been a little bitter. He never hesitated to drink it though the taste was different since it was his daily practice. But suddenly he developed complications and began to vomit. When he was examined his peripheral pulses were not palpable and his extremities were cold and clammy. His body systems went complicated although he was conscious and seemed to be normal. There was blood when he vomited.

There were such dangerous consequences in some more cases after drinking bottle gourd juice which tasted bitter.

Bottle gourd juice is suggested to be avoided

The advisory council to the Department of Indian Alternative medicines has suggested that a small piece of bottle gourd should be tasted, before extracting its juice and if it tastes bitter it should not be used as juice to drink.

Warning from medical world

Although vegetables and fruits are considered as nutritious and healthy food they can become dangerous which can be known by their taste. Some mushrooms which are rich in protein also turn toxic. Researches say that the bottle gourd which belongs to Cucurbitaceae family can also turn toxic and dangerous like mushrooms. The complex properties found in plants of cucumber family can turn toxic and can be highly dangerous to mammals. 


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