The Best Value Neighborhood to Live in CA

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Orange County

Orange County is one of the best counties to live in CA if you don’t know much about CA. Since CA is such a diverse state, there are many cultures, crimes, problems that you might want to avoid that are highly present in city like LA, that is absent in cities in OC. You will see the major difference in both counties. If you love to live in an upscale community than the OC is for you, LA is not the place to live happily with your family. You will hate the noise, crimes, homeless, and obnoxious people there. It might be near a lot of businesses with great jobs but it’s not worth living there and get robbed or get killed. There are many gangs in LA that could be a nightmare in your neighborhood and for your children if they’re still in High School. I wouldn’t want my children to attend one of those schools. They’ll  be in jail, on drug, joins a gang before they graduate.


Malibu is a great place to live if you can afford it. Many celebrities live here. It’s an expensive neighborhood that is in proximity of the beaches like Malibu beach and Santa Monica beach and close to film studio which equal jobs and more jobs. If you are an upscale executive than you might enjoy Malibu beach.

San Bernadino

Do you like the country side, quietness? If you do then San Bernadino is the place for you. It’s a lovely, quiet, prosperous, country side part of CA. homes are less expensive, and neighborhoods are quiet. There is a low crime rate here. Certain ethnic groups don’t live here as much because it’s too secluded.

Corona Del Mar

Do you like to live like a king and next to all the famous celebrities in the world? If yes, then Corona Del Mar is the place for you. This heavenly area is filled with top notch businessman, celebrities and well to do people. You will love it and it’s second to heaven. It’s in Southern part of OC, CA. Corona Del Mar is an upscale, expensive housing, quiet, prosperous, diverse part of OC. Have you seen the movie the OC? Well, then you have seen Corona Del Mar, because it’s a part of the OC. There is no better place to live than to live in Corona.

San Diego

San Diego is just about second to heaven too. If you love lovely beaches, great weather, low crime, quietness, then SD is for you. This is the idea place to raise a family. This is a place where you can start your dream. It’s much better than LA or OC, in terms of cleanliness, peace and value. Housing might be less expensive here too. You will love it here.


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