New Year Resolutions 2012

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What will your New Year resolution be this year? I hope it will be on getting back to work as most of us were pressed with unemployment during the past 2 years. I know that will be my resolution. I have a job now but a better job is even better. For some people, to lose weight and for other, to get married, we should all get a resolution to set a better tone for 2012. At least we know that the recession is calming down and people are getting some work back up. Everyone in my family is working and some of my cousins are unemployed and getting their unemployment check but I think they will find work if they want too. There are some people who love to stay home with their babies and getting unemployment money which is not a problem. What are some ideas for a New Year resolution this year?

Lose weight

I’m lucky that this is never my New Year resolution since I work out daily and eat right. However, many people are overweight and it seems to destroy their lives. They can’t date or go out without people looking at them in a weird way and most of their clothing don’t even fit anymore. If this is you, then you should make every effort to get back on track. Have you try to socialize yourself more so that you’re not stuck at home with a bucket of ice cream the remote control? You should consider changing your lifestyle to help make you lose weight easier. I find this to be true. I eat more when I’m at home and less why I go out because there are no available foods and it’s costly to buy food.

Get a job

For many of us, we will be making this resolution. We have jobs, but it might be a pizza delivering job, and this is not right if you were professionals before this. You will need to set goals so that you can get a professional job for yourself and move on economically. The recession left many with no homes and no savings and this is devastating for family out there with young children with lots of needs. I’m hoping there will be more jobs available, and look harder to find the work that you will love.

Save money

This is the time to save money and even more since saving should be on everybody’s list. You should save for a disaster like the recession we are in or save for your child’s college or for your retirement. I feel that people in general need to save more and stop living check by check.

Buy a house

This is the perfect time to buy a house if you have the money for it. Houses are so low that you will be able to afford one. This is the time that you will be able to buy a vacation home or an investment home. Low price like this don’t come around everyday and you will at least have three more years to catch them this low.

Get married

For some of us, we’re tired of being alone and we want to get married, so go on more dates and date more people and get married. The more you date the more you will be able to meet people and get married soon.

Finish College

Some of us just cant’ finish our college due to family life, this is the time to finish it up and move on with your life and find that perfect career. You can accomplish this by going part time, in the night time, give up partying and start learning.

Get out of poverty

The recession made a lot of us paupers, so make a goal to get out of poverty and start living a good life.

A makeover

If you don’t like the way you look, not getting dates, then it’s time to change to a completely new look, like shave, wear perfume, or dye your hair.  

Get out of bad relationship

You can never stress enough on how much people are getting abuse in bad relationship. It’s time to leave that bad relationship and move on with your life, whether it be your family, or your boyfriend or your best friends. You should move on before something major happens.


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