How to Get Your Best Vacation in Vegas

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You get to wine and dine for less. It’s so inexpensive but you get to eat everything that there is out there in one place like the carnival at Rio buffet. You pay less than $20 per person, and you would lose hundreds of dollars to gambling so why not dine and wine and make your bucks worth it. There are buffet at every casino but the best one is Bellagio buffet in Vegas. You have to try the best to know it. You should gather all your friends and family and head out to the buffet.

Free shows

There are free shows inside and outside the strip like the Treasure Island pirates show. You can watch tons of girls singing and dancing inside the casino. They come out in a full bikini, what more do you want.

Walk the strip

It’s romantic for two just to walk the strip. You will have a lot of fun just walking down the strip and see what’s going on out there. You get the best view this way and get to smell Vegas’s hot air. What more do you want? You have to smell the air to say that you’ve really have been to Vegas.


If you’re a regular, don’t forget to mention your comps. You get a lot of comps here in Vegas like free drinks for the entire casinos and free buffet or free room if you gamble a lot. This is Vegas, you have to try out all the gifts. You should get a reward card as this is the way to get your comps.


Vegas has tons of promotions and giveaways for each casinos so make sure to check it out with your reward clubs and get yourself some great giveaways. You get a free room, buffet, beers, drinks, clothing and much much more so check in with them.

Reward cards

You have to have a reward cards in Vegas. This will accumulate points and you will get free food, drinks, clothing, rooms and much much more. It’s easy to obtain them, just go to the reward desk and get them.

The weekends girls

 Do you enjoy seeing hot girls dancing, well they’re all out there in the casinos floor on the weekend so don’t forget to check them out, cause the strip club is beyond $500 per girl.

Red rock

You can’t leave Las Vegas until you have camp out or see the great red rock which is about 15 minutes away from the strip. You can take a cab there but it’s completely worth it. You can drive out there and catch the wind and see the mountain red rock.


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