What You Have to do When You Turn 30

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When you turn 30, it’s hard to live with your immediate family, this is when it’s time for you to move out and get a place on your own. You can do this by saving money for a down payment on a house when you’re younger so you have enough for a down payment. A down payment is around $40k – 50k and it depends on the house that you’re getting and the location but it’s a large sum of money so save up. You can also get roommates and rent but that’s not the best part either. It’s best to have your own place and do what you want to do. Freedom is the best thing that there is out there for adulthood. I have to learn it the hard way. I hate living with my parents but no so much with my sibling but I realize that I couldn’t’ do business or bring friends home because it’s just not allowed. I’m very bum out about my current living situation and will be moving out soon. I hope to find the best place that I can because I really want to be happy.

I didn’t think of this when I was younger because my parents were good but not they’re so rotten and abusive and irritating that living with them is impossible. At my age, I needed room to rest, to do business, to throw parties, to bring friends home, to bring boyfriend home and to have pets. I also need a storage place for a warehouse for my business but it’s all impossible living my ocd family and God sure has play a big joke on me. I’m really glad to know that I’m in Vegas and that housing is cheap and at least I will have a good chance of owning a place soon. Sooner or later I will realize my dream of having my own freedom again. I never lived at home before. I live on my own for 7 years and it’s time to move out again.  When it comes to money, you will find out who your real friends and family are and I found out there my family wouldn’t stick it through for me. They really care about themselves only. I wish I knew this when I was younger so I could have a place on my own now.

I always thought that my family would help me out or that I could be a good help to them when I live with them and we would all be jolly and we would all save money but oh boy I’m dead wrong. Everything is a big disaster and we are about to blow the house apart. I guess living with your family after 30 is never an option and it’s time to move on. So if you’re happy right now just look at it 5 years later when you wish to bring your friends, pet, boyfriends, co-workers home. You might not be able to and you will hate your family for it. You will eventually want a life of your own and move out soon when you realize that people just won’t be that adults anymore. They will act like kids and make irritating comments about you living off of them so its time to think of your future and move out asap so you don’t have to live with the pain of knowing that you really hate to live with your family after you turn 30.


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