The Journey of a Home Based Business Start up – Part 2

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If you missed Part 1 of this interview you can see this in our profile. Here is Part 2!

So, Malley jumping out of your comfort zone and making these huge changes, how did you cope with that and where has it taken you?

That is a really interesting question. Things started to fall into place right from our first conference in America. We totally changed our finances, investment strategies and so on. Then on one of our calls, it was pointed out to us that the world is not doing a terrific job with finances globally. Maybe we should look at our real estate and decide whether we really needed it. We decided we didn’t and looking around now, that was probably a good move. Ray and I have been together about six and a half years and we’ve each got two children, four adult children. They thought we had really lost the plot when we decided to sell the house and move away from Melbourne. Firstly, we looked at moving into community type living on the east coast of Australia, near Port Macquarie, but that didn’t eventuate.

Our eldest son lives in Perth and knew of someone needing a couple to move onto a property and manage it. Ray put his hand up and said, ‘We will do that.’ Ray had never driven a tractor in his life, but he had been a truck driver and he’s the sort of guy that says he can do it, and he does, he is amazing, absolutely amazing. Our life is so different now. We wake up each morning on this property that we’re being asked to look after and building our business on our terms. We are doing what we want to do.

Do you miss city living?

No, not at all. I’m a dairy farmer’s daughter, so to be back on the land and growing our own veggies, being as self-sufficient as we can is great.

What would be your advice to people who are interested in becoming involved with the business? They might have questions regarding what sort of support you get when you’re doing this direct selling, home based business?

As I said, I’ve been involved with other companies before and the support was just nothing compared to what it is here. The people we work with are always only a phone call away and that’s seven days a week. We never feel pressured or uncomfortable about ringing them. And that’s the sort of support we give people as well, we are always only a phone call away. Whether they’re in the same state as us, the same country or overseas, Skype works very well. It’s just a matter of being able to reach out and help people whenever they need it, whether it’s with phone calls or goal setting or finances. I was a computer dummy and I don’t how many phone calls I made to the people in the business with me asking for help. Well, they’re the sort of questions we’re happy to help people with as well and I suppose it’s that old saying, you reap what you sow. You will only achieve success in your business if you help other people achieve success in theirs. That’s where this company is so different, just so different. We know the owners extremely well, have met them at conferences many times, and as soon as Kip sees us he says to us, ‘How are my people from Perth going?’ Kip knows the huge changes we’ve made in our lives. It’s so exciting to be able to meet with like-minded people.

Malley, you mentioned before some conferences that you chose to attend, and that some of these were overseas. Does everybody need to attend these?

That’s really a personal decision. The analogy I give is that it’s like going to see a play. Let’s say you went to see Phantom of the Opera and you were just blown away by it. You go to work and tell people they’ve got to go and see it. You tell them how awesome it was, this happened, that happened. They say that’s great and that they’ll think about that. But, it’s only by being there that you will experience Phantom of the Opera and it’s only by being at the conference that you will see what this company is about, what the community is wanting to achieve. There is such a need at the moment for financial education. Someone from America said to me recently, ‘There is financial illiteracy.’ And that is so true. As I said in one of my videos, people don’t receive financial education and it’s the simple things that people can put in place that you learn at the conferences. You get to a whole different level there, but once again, it’s someone else’s journey and it really is each person’s decision.

What sort of costs are people looking at to get started and how soon do they get money back?

We sit down with people and work out their budget and how much they want to spend and we provide information regarding the different levels that they can become involved in. It depends on their budget as to how involved they want to become and what commitment they really want to make. Whatever level they do become involved at, the commission is great, it really is. So it doesn’t take long for them to recoup their investment. We do all we can to help them achieve success.

The income potential, as you said, depends on how much time and money they invest, they control where their life and their business will go.

That’s so true. People can become involved for less than two thousand dollars. If they start at that base they can very quickly exponentially grow that and be at the point where, within a 12 month period, they can be earning a franchise type income for a fraction of the cost and with a fraction of the hassles. It’s so exciting to watch someone doing that, it really is. It’s a great way to live your life, to be able to see those changes in other people’s lives.

If people want to know more, where do they start?

People can contact me through email, or by filling in their details on the website and I can get back to them that way. We will send them information about the company and work out what it is they’re looking for. People are all looking for different things, so by them getting in touch with us we can work out what they want to do with their lives and take it from there.

Malley, thank you so much for your time and insight today.


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