Strange Meat Products

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This dish from Pennsylvania is basically made of pork offal (heart, liver, head, etc.), cornmeal and mush.  It is fried into patties with a consistency similar to that of hash browns. Its taste was said to be similar to corned beef hash but has a fattier tang comparable to lamb.

Deer Placenta Soup

The placenta is cut into bits and mixed into a broth consisting of mushrooms, flowers, black chicken and deer tendon. The placenta bits have a soft elastic texture.

Honey Flavored Sausages

The honeyed sausages called “Purplo’s” are made from beef mutton slightly flavored with spices and have a twist of honey. The recipe is then stuffed into a 22mm purple casing and cooked. The suggested serving preparation is piping hot.

Meat Card

There’s a new and innovative use for jerky, it is not intended for food consumption though rather it is designed for business purposes.

A thin slab of beef is seared with name, number and other contact details to resemble a business card that would surely get the attention of future employers, business associates and rodents.

Dessert Meat

This treat is made up of round cut steak, gravy, potatoes, cheese and tomato. The steak and potatoes are placed in a sundae dish to form the base of the dessert. Gravy and cheese serve as toppings. Garlic bread and cherry tomatoes can also be used as garnishes.

Jellied Moose Nose

This dish is commonly found in the northernmost states of the USA. It is prepared by first removing the moose’s nose and boiling it for a while until it is soft enough for the hairs to be plucked. It is then spiced and boiled again until it disintegrates and forms a gelatinous mass. It is served chilled.

Squirrel Brain

This is a southern USA dish. The squirrel is cleaned and cooked until soft then the skull is cracked open to extract the brain. The squirrel’s brain has a taste similar to mushrooms.


Dinuguan is a Philippine dish made of pork offal and blood. It is generally described as blood stew. The name “Chocolate Pork” is a catch to lure many to actually taste and enjoy the not-so appealing but delicious dish.

Seal Flipper Pie

This used to be a popular Newfoundland dish that is said to have spread even in mainland Canada. But due to environmental issues, seal hunting had been controlled and only few flippers are available for consumption. But every April, some community clubs in Newfoundland organize flipper pie dinners. The flippers are tender and appetizing for the locals but could taste exotic for those who are unfamiliar with the dish.

Raw Reindeer Meat

There is no recipe, the reindeer meat is simply sliced very thinly and eaten raw.


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