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The Chemistry Club is an independent company that works with the technology industry. The organisation has been in operation since 1999 and provides a range of events and services including; executive coaching, special briefings, business-to-business events, and master classes.

CEO of the Chemistry Club, Mark Simon and his team have enabled people to meet in a neutral environment for the past eleven years. This has given individuals the opportunity to share experiences and views with each other. The business currently hosts nine evenings each year in venues throughout Central London. The format of the organisaitons forums allows attendees to meet each other in a very time efficient way.

The Chemistry Club have stated that their forums are work events. The evenings can be fairly busy but attendees can still meet people at their own pace. They are able to meet as many or as few people as they choose. Individuals can talk with people they know or people that they have yet to meet; it is by mutual consent as to who speaks with whom. The Chemistry Club facilitate the gatherings to give senior executives the chance to discuss a range of business topics including; benchmarking, innovation, best practice, cost reduction, and industry trends.

The Chemistry Club‘s events have an interesting speaker at each forum followed by a thought provoking question and answer session. The evenings bring together people from many different areas including; individuals from the public sector, global IT suppliers, directors from venture capital and private equity firms, executive management from large companies, and senior executives from media companies.

The company also encourages people from many other areas to encourage debate including; heads of procurement, academics, marketing directors, chief executives, operations directors, and security and risk directors.

The Chemistry Club also holds network master classes aimed at senior executives. Some people are natural networkers while others aren’t. The company states that the classes can benefit even the most confident networkers. The ability to network has now become a vital professional skill and something that all senior executives should be well versed in. The Chemistry Club’s classes are the result of eleven years of experience and have been created with several leading specialist trainers.

Please visit The Chemistry Club’s website to find out more information about the company and their services.


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