Accept Losses in Currency Trading

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The lack of an adequate business plan, which contains strict rules for entering and exiting the trade without doubt the failure to ensure the long term. Beginners often suffer from the same common problems. To give up trading schemes purely on a whim, because things do not go exactly as they had imagined. Often used unreliable methods that have no benefit. Many traders keep losing positions say to yourself “I turn to” when all the indicators say otherwise, because he can not bear the thought of the loss.
Why is torture? Why not just admit what is wrong and to make a change? For some, the recognition that trade and even the trading method does not work and what the change is easy, but for others it is very difficult. They have to look to their limits, to admit that you made a mistake and it is difficult, because it hurts the ego. Psychologically, it is risky, it is easier to fool ourselves.
Just go ahead, live in denial until the status of your account is exhausted. If you recognize any of these aspects of yourself that you must stop trading immediately.
Look carefully at what is happening, try to identify the problem. If you look close enough you can see a pattern. Therefore, it is important to record all trades, and much information about as possible. To get rid of old and see things in a new light.
You will never be a successful trader if the state continues to live in denial. What can you do to get back to reality? There is a lot you can do. First, make sure you are not negotiating with stress. When you feel stressed you can not see clearly, will have a hard and unable to see alternative views. One of the best solutions is to lower trade. The smaller store with less stress, especially for a beginner. If you are an experienced and agreements to reduce the loss of the pipe until you get confidence. Some people need a complete rest. To get away from everything. In my mind the market.
Another thing you can do is make sure you have a life. Trade can be addictive, especially when you’re winning. Do not put all your emotional eggs in the trade basket. You need to have other roles that give life meaning and purpose. This definition of identity in different ways, it is placed on the role of the UN in the natural operations of trade. Therefore, you can take losses in stride, and a more objective view of trade.
Finally, radical acceptance is a key strategy to address mental uncertainty in the market.Many traders make the mistake of thinking they can control the market. No one can dominate the market. We must learn to accept whatever comes our way, and trade accordingly. To adopt the attitude that trade is a journey, and that all we can do is go to where the market takes us.
To succeed in this way can not afford to lose too much. Managing risk, and just accept what you get and enjoy the ride. In this way, you can operate with greater freedom and creativity. Do not live in denial of your life.
Accept the limitations, work around them and become a winning trader. Write your plan to negotiate the exact entry and exit. The most important place to stop and mentally decide you do not break. Test the system on paper, and when it is hoped to test in real time, at least during the entire contract. You will be losing trades, which accepts grace and go to the next operation.


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