Snoop Dog Robbed of 100 Bucks

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April 7, 2009 – Snoop Dog is very popular. You might know Snoop Dog from his Dogg After Dark program on MTV. The show, Dogg After Dark aired it’s season finale this year.  You can expect Snoop Dog and Slightly Stoopid to go on tour during the 2009 summer months.

Now you would think that Snoop Dog would be smart when it comes to flowers and money. But once you hear what happened to Snoop Dog and the rose lady, you might have to think again. Was Snoop Dog really that stupid? Come on now! After reading the TMZ report of how Snoop Dog had 100 bucks stolen from him, I had to laugh. I admit it, I had to really chuckle on that one!

Snoop Dog was outside one of his favorite night clubs. Well, that’s not unusual. He wanted to buy one single rose. According to the TMZ report, Snoop Dog made an agreement with the lady that sold him the rose. She would split the 100 buck bill that Snoop Dog gave her with two other women who were also peddling roses outside the night club.

This all sounds fair enough doesn’t it? For a single rose, three women get to split Snoop Dog’s money. That’s actually a great deal for roses, even in a recession.

So, why did I have to laugh so hard? The lady that got 100 bucks from Snoop Dog for one single rose ran off with the money! She wasn’t going to share that Benjamin with anyone. Come on now Snoop Dog surely had to see that coming a mile away! Essentially, Snoop Dog had 100 bucks stolen from him by this cunning rose lady. The early bird gets the worm. Or in the case of Snoop Dog, the early bird gets the Benjamin!


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