Layoff tips

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Get laid off?  Here are some tips to beat this economy!

My boyfriend and I recently both got laid off.  The good news is that we also both got jobs soon after the layoffs.  Here are some tips, that got us through this.

1) The first thing to remember is that the economy is really rough right now.  Chances are if you got laid off, you might not be able to stay in your field for the time being.  The point is to pay the bills right now.

2) don’t be too proud for any job.  I went from a full time office job to being a nanny.  The good news is that some families pay well.  And I think it will actually be great to have a summer where I can go outside and play with the kids on the nice days.

3) now that you are ready to apply for any and ever job, as you do make sure that you make at least one outgoing call everyday that will be related to your job search.  Calling mom doesn’t count.

4) Make sure you advertise that you are looking for a job. Tell your friends, family, and people you happen to meet while you are out and about.

5) Take your unemployment from the government and if you need to find a cash paying gig while you are still looking for a position.

6) Use your connections.  While you should be using the job boards (,, etc…) use your connections and push them the most.

7) Don’t spend money that you dont have to.  There is always ways to cut back spending and now is the time to do it, whether you have a job or not.

Good luck and tear up those job boards!


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