Comparison Of Graphics Cards For Laptops

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Graphics is one of the main components of a laptop. These small components help users watching videos and gaming experience. They handle all areas of graphics and videos. Note that there is a difference between graphics cards for desktops and laptops. Since laptops are assembled in compact configurations, they are far less graphic. Most laptops come with standard graphics cards. However, the latest 3D games and graphics require more advanced configuration, which is why you may need to think about upgrading laptop graphics.

Updated graphics card laptop

There are currently two major manufacturers of graphics cards. AMD and NVIDIA. Please note that you upgrade your laptop is not as simple as increasing the RAM on your desktop. So it is better if you upgrade the computer hardware technician did. In addition, you will need to decide to upgrade a laptop graphics cards so make sure if the laptop offers the opportunity to upgrade. You can control the service centers of the brand of laptop whether it supports the upgrade, and if so, then the cards are more suitable. New Laptop graphics cards are equipped with special video RAM, which prevents a lot of memory for the most demanding 3D games and video consumes a built-in RAM. Here is a small laptop graphics card comparison, the list presented.

Comparison laptop graphics card (2011)

Graphics card for laptop computers are classified by type of graphics they provide. There are high-end ones are the latest graphics cards for 3D games and videos. They spend a lot of energy, so you must install on a laptop with long battery life. Mid-range graphics card quite ready to run latest games and videos and consume less energy than the most powerful. Low-end cards come as a standard in most laptops games. They give decent graphics and consume a low battery. Some models are discussed below in general.

AMD Radeon HD 6900

The AMD Radeon HD 6990 is considered the best performer in the world of gaming and entertainment. It comes with PCI Express 2.1 x16 installation and provides support OpenGL 4.1. Connectivity options include DVI, DisplayPort and HDMI. With an integrated HD audio, you can improve sound as well. It has a 4 GB of GDDR5 memory, which is more than enough for all the needs of 3D graphics display. You may have to pay about $ 300 for the purchase of this video card.


NVIDIA is also a leading manufacturer of graphics cards for laptops and is the hardest rival AMD. Processor with a speed of 1300 MHz is a product that offers a quick return. It is equipped with 1 GB of GDDR5 RAM. When it comes to connectivity, it has Mini HDMI and DVI support. It supports all NVIDIA technologies such as 3D Vision, PhysX and CUDA. The offer price is about $ 150.

AMD Radeon HD 6870

This product AMD has received many positive comments from users. The Radeon HD 6870 delivers fast processing speed of 900 MHz and 1 GB of GDDR5 RAM. AMD also has the multi-display Eyefinity technology that combines numerous exhibitions and act like a big screen. AMD HD3D, supplies high-quality graphics for 3D games and movies. You may have to pay a price around $ 200 for the purchase of this graphics card AMD.

AMD Radeon X1600

This is an ideal option for users that do not require a lot of graphics on their system. The X1600 is built with a speed of 400 MHz processor and 256 MB of memory. It is integrated with Avivo technology brand, offering a programmable video processor and Xilleon TV encoder. DVI and HDMI connectors are standard. The power consumption is considered quite low, even with a 17-inch LCD screen. You may have to pay about $ 100 just to buy this video card.


This is one of the newest and fastest GPU on the market. GTX 560M is an impressive clock speed of 1550 MHz CPU and 1 GB of video memory. This is a PCI Express 2.0 bus. It ‘compatible with all technologies, the producer, such as PhysX, 3D Vision, Optimus, and so on. This graphics card is present in many gaming notebook MSI U.S. producer. You may have to pay about $ 230 for this graphics card.

NVIDIA GeForce 310

NVIDIA GeForce 310 is a decent mid-range performance graphics card. Its performance is supported by the speed of 1530 MHz and 1 GB of VRAM. There is a wide range of connectivity options including DVI, DisplayPort, HDMI and VGA. The main feature of this card is NVIDIA PureVideo HD technology. This contributes to the efficiency of the battery and reduce fan noise. This product is priced at around $ 100

There are many graphics cards from other manufacturers, so you can choose to apply animation or a serious player. Note that there are many other third parties who make video cards to create your own mobile graphics configurations. They are most of these graphics cards improved in most gaming laptops and performance


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