Kabuli, O Kabuli

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My five year-old girl from the Mini is not without uttering a few minutes. A day in the morning – the morning said, “Father, do you Ramdyal doorman, the ‘crow’ to ‘crow’ calls. He knows something is not it, Father.” The second thing I say something before she set off. “Look, father, Bhola says – in the sky throws water from elephant trunk, so the rain falls. Good father, innocent lies, is not it?” And then he got in the game.

Side of the road is my home. Mini was one day playing in my room. Suddenly he left the game in a big way and ran to the window and started shouting, “Kabuli, O Kabuli!”

Shoulder hanging bag of nuts, grapes, basket in hand to hang a bit longer Kabuli was going on the road. As soon as he started toward the house, ran in the mini lives. He even feared that he might be taking hold. Kabuli in her mind that it was down to looking inside the bag and the like
Two – four kids can get.

Kabuli who saluted me with a smile. I bought her a deal. Then he said, “Babu Sir, where you been girl?”

I have to remove fear from the minds of mini decided to call it. Kabuli raisins and almonds from the bag did not want but he wanted to take a mini. Afraid she sticks to my knees. This was her first introduction to kabuki. A few days later, an important work I was going out. The great things is that the mini kabuki and kabuki was Muskrata listening. Mini bag of almonds – was loaded with raisins. Kabuli Atthani I gave up, “Why did it all now do not.” Then I went out.

Kabuli Mini for a while talking. When she puts Atthani were taken by mini. When I returned home and saw that the mini kabuki Atthani due to the mother is angry that so much.

Kabuli been coming every day. He will Almond Raisin – by a lot of mini heart little carried. Both in – and they are many things to laugh a lot. Kabuli mercy saw me laughing girl asks, “Kabuli, O Kabuli! What’s in your bag?”

Rehmat says laughing, “Elephant.” Then he says to Mini, “When you’re in-laws?”

Back at the mercy ask, “When you go to law?”

Rehmat his fat fist outstretched, saying, “We’ll kill the law.” Good laugh at the mini.

Srdion goes home at the end of each year Kabuli. Before going on trying to recover money from all the people. Her home – to move house, but still a time of day to get the mini.

Sitting in my room one morning I was doing some work. At the same time very loud noise heard on the road. Saw the two soldiers tied his going to the charity. Rehmat blood stains on the coat and blood-stained knife in the hands of soldiers.

Heard from the mouth of some soldiers and some charity living in our neighborhood, a man bought a sheet from mercy. He had some money left over, to which she refused. Just at this point both increased, and Kabuli killed by stabbing.

So in “Kabuli, Kabuli”, says the mini came out of the house Rehmat’s face was glowing for a moment. Mini as soon as he asked,”You’re in-laws? “Said Rehmat, the laughter,” Yes, there was already gone. “

Rehmat felt pleased with his answer, not mini. Then he showed from the shoulder and said, “What should the law kills, hands are tied.”

Run knife crime charity was sentenced to several years.

Care of Kabuli gradually faded from my mind completely and mini forgot him.

Many years passed.

Today is the wedding of my Mini. Coming – are going. I was sitting in my room was writing budgets. So in mercy stood side by Salaam.

At first I did not recognize him. He had neither the bag nor the same happy face. Finally she looked directly recognized that it is charity.

I asked, “Why come to the charity?”

“I am freed from prison yesterday evening,” she said.

I told him, “Today is an important work in our house, I’m over there. Today you go, come again.”

He began to be grieved. Stopped near the door said, “just can not see the baby?”

Perhaps he believed that the Mini still remains the same child. He still like the “Kabuli, o Kabuli” will come running screaming. Laughter and conversation of them that old will not be hindered in any way. I said, “Today is a lot of work at home. Today will not be able to meet him.”

He became depressed and went out the door by Salaam.

I was thinking that he’ll call back. So in he himself returned and said, “‘It was brought to her a little bit nuts. Give it to him. “

I want to pay him, but she said, “Babu is so kind of you sir! Let it be money. ” Then just stopped and said, “You are like a daughter to me. I remember him – and for your child – some will come to fruit. I do not sell the deal. “

Hand in the pocket of his tunics a scruffy piece of paper was folded around the bottom and opening it to the big ring on my desk and put both hands spread it. Looked at that piece of paper from the hand of a little small – have the impression of the claws. Up a little – by little soot, that on paper the impression was taken. From the chest by the memory of their daughter, mercy street of Calcutta every year – Kuchon comes to selling the deal.

Seeing my eyes were filled. Forget everything that I called out to the mini. Pink mini dress and jewelry worn by the laws of marriage came up to me to be standing.

Kabuli seeing that mercy was nervous at first. Do not talk to him as before. Later she said smiling, “Lalli! What SaaS is going home? “

Mini was now understand the meaning of law. Killed when his face went red with shame.

Mini leaving a deep breath, sit on the floor was full and mercy. Suddenly it became clear his sense that his daughter may have grown in so many days. What happened in these eight years, who knows? She lost her memory.
I put some money out of his hand and said, “mercy! You leave your child in the country. “


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