Yoga- A Great Introduction to Yoga ( Learn Yoga DVD)

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Yoga was Developed in India, it is a psycho-physical discipline with roots going back to more than 5,000 years…The word “Yoga” means union.
Yoga has four paths according to the Shastras or the Knowledge books…JNANA (knowledge or wisdom), Bhakti ( Devotion) , Karma ( Action) , and Raja ( Self control)…


If one is interested and serious about taking up Yoga then this is the right DVD to get one started..The video demonstrates the basic postures or asanas clearly and gives tips on getting them right….
This DVD is perfect for Beginners and especially for those over 40, as many of the other ‘ASANAS or Postures, mentioned in most other DVDs are meant for younger and fitter people…whereas the Aasanas shown here are easy to follow for anyone regardless of age…
The instructions by the Yoga Master is very helpful..the background music is really soothing ,i feel it is just right..
I started following the ‘Aasanas’ mentioned on the DVD and within a matter of days , started feeling lighter, more flexible and much more energetic…Gives a lot of mental strength too, when practiced over a long period of time..

There are certain norms that one should follow before practicing yoga, this is true of any kind of strenuous exercise..

One is advised to practice Yoga every day for at least 30-35 minutes..or at leat for 15-20 minutes if one is really pressed for time…
It is best to do Yoga 3-4 hours after taking a meal, the stomach should be light while doing yoga…
One needs a lot of space for hand and body movements while practicing Yogic asanas , so it is better to sit in a open place or a spacious room with enough room for body movements..

One should wear loose comfortable clothes so that one’s movements are not restricted..

Yoga is normally practiced sitting on the floor, with either a carpet or a mat spread on the floor..
Different Yogic Asanas help to increase the flexibility and stamina of all parts of the body…

Some of the Asanas shown on this DVD include HASTA SANCHALANA, which concenterates on the hand movements..
PADA SANCHALANA which means movements of the legs, JANUSANCHALANA, which concenterates on the Knee movements and Knee strengthening..KANTASANCHALANA( Movement of the neck), …
Deep Breathing or PRANAYAMA which is the most essential part of yoga is to be practiced right at the beginning of any Yoga practice,and it is generally advised that one can go on doing this whenever one finds time…
Pranayama is helpful in keeping the body in good shape and the added advantage is a flat tummy .It is found to be very beneficial for all Asthmatic patients and for anyone with any kind of breathing trouble or Chest congestion…..
The idea of Yoga is to focus your awareness on what you are doing , and how you feel as you perform these postures…

Once you start using this DVD , you get hooked on to it..One somehow makes time for that yoga session no matter what, as you feel the good allround effect it has on your entire system…,…..i have seen some amazing results with people who have used the Yoga asans for a long period…

A relative of mine in her late fifties, Hypertensive, overweight with a constant joint pain was advised to go in for a drastic weight reduction.She tried walking and other light exercises with very minimal results, and , finally turned to Yoga with this DVD as her guide…
This was 3 years ago…Today she is 60+ with near normal BP, has lost an amazing 27 KILOGRAMS of weight and looks years younger..she is very energetic and hardly has any complaints regarding her health including her joints…..
In fact i was tempted to use the DVD after watching her transformation!!

All in all worth buying and putting into use for ones own benefit..


Format: NTSC
Language: English
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
Studio: Body Wisdom
DVD Release Date: Dec 19 2006


8 Customized, Targeted Routines

Exclusive Interview with the Instructor

Routines from 10 – 60 Minutes

Includes articles from Body + Soul magazine

On the DVD

8 customized and targeted routines
Exclusive interview with the instructor
Modifications of poses for less-flexible people
Routines from 10-60 minutes
Includes special body+soul magazine articles
Filmed at stunning Half-Moon Bay, Antigua

Summary: Ideal for Beginners


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