Where on earth do I put that litter box?!?

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Noone wants to see a litter box, it’s gross.  If you live in a tiny apartment in a big city like I do, they are hard to hide!  I found the perfect spot!

This spot will work if you have a normal size litter box.  Nothing fancy.  I did have to buy a couple things for this to work.  I got a scrap piece of fabric for about $2 at a local fabric shop and a tiny rod.  I used that iron hem stuff that I found laying around the house to make my fabric work like a curtian over the rod.  Then I removed the doors on the front of the sink vanity in the bathroom.  The litter box fits right under the water pipes and leaves some room to one side for a little box to hold the scooper and a little carpet to help catch the scattered litter.  I hung the curtain where the doors used to be.  After everything was in its place I left the curtain open so that the cats would know they could go in there for while, then I gradually closed it.  Now their litter box is hidden, behind a curtain that I picked to match the decor in our bathroom.  Most people don’t even realize whthat the doors to the vanity are missing. In the end, the cats get their privacy and I’m not scared to have company over, wrinkling their nose at the site of kitty poop.  Whenever I show someone this idea they love it! ENJOY!


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