How to Miss The Buck of a Lifetime

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Don’t waste time with cover up scents or grunt calls to miss the buck of a lifetime. Consider covering your chest with some Vick’s Vapor Rub, it helps keep your nose clear.

Dress in really light clothing.  You may get cold, so move around a lot, it warms you up and keeps you fit!  Don’t forget to cough and sneeze as often as possible.  People are always intrigued by a ruckus, what makes you think deer are different?  This is a great way to miss the buck of a lifetime.

Why waste time sighting in your rifle?  After all, the store bore sighted it just 6 short years ago.  You still remember how to shoot your rifle, right?

If you see a doe walking to you, while constantly looking behind her, shoot immediately!!  She’s probably just the look out for the little ones bringing up the rear.  There’s no chance a big buck is following her, right?   Besides, you want to miss the big one of a lifetime.

If you’re in a tree stand, knock things off it from time to time.  It is especially important to drop things you really need.  This forces you to climb down the ladder to pick it up, thus giving you another angle of vision.  TAKE NOTE*** if you see a deer make a mental note of its location since you left your rifle up in the stand.  When you miss the buck of a lifetime, you’re never really prepared.

Make lots of cellular calls, force yourself to play with a hand held gaming device.  Beeps and buzzes are always curious things, even to deer.  Hey, anyone can actually shoot a big deer, but only a real master can miss the buck of a lifetime year after year. 

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