Index of The New Housing Benefits The Forex Market Investors

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Like most of the forex market traders in Peru with the comprehensive analysis of the design market strategies, the message makes use of the newly developed housing index waves in the box. So far, the most common housing price index to predict future forex currency movement was the S & P / Case-Stiller house price index. This index is the change in price movements in the housing market in 20 metropolitan regions across the country. It measures average price changes of properties in the designated areas indicated resold. The indexes are published each month for a two-month delay. New housing price index (IAS360) of the Denver company that has a broader (and others) show price changes in the U.S. market is developed.
IAS360 detail
IAS360 Housing Index is concerned with some of the weaknesses of the current S & P / Case-Stiller house price index. This new index for analyzing the trend of changes in living deeper, wider level (360 districts, 30 reported indices). This broader picture of reality is particularly useful in a recession, then it can only be a reference to movements in the emerging markets. For example with the IAS360 housing price index, in certain markets, which has not been analyzed in other indices like the S & P / Case-Stiller, the index could show the actual growth. This could in turn as an importer for renewed growth in the overall market, the housing may have a limited view index hands are presented.
The median sales price
IAS360 index to analyze the data on the median sales price, while the other indexes to analyze the data on average retail prices. The median sales price method (takes the average price between highest and lowest price) to paint a realistic picture than the average sales price method, because it does not distort at the highest or the low-cost houses.
Real-time reporting
Timely reporting is critical to the trends and know when to invest in the market. Unlike the two-month delay in reporting, with the S & P / Case-Stiller-index (ie the figures for May to the last week of July), will IAS360 numbers only about a month delay (ie in May’s figures were published in early July) published. With timelier reporting, investors can make better trading decisions.


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