Good News. A Must Read! “the 5 Thin Habits of A Successful Wise Weight Loss Watcher”

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“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst, for they are

sticking to their diets.”

~Author Unknown


Are you ready for something truly different?

This may well be the shortest e-article on losing weight and health issues you have ever read.

But don’t be fooled by its size. As I think you’ll agree, thin is good, and it’s what inside that really

matters. Before we begin; let me stress the importance of a solid background of what a good

weight loss program should be. It must always begin with a good starting point and a steady

progress through.

Hence the “Thin Habits” program must be incorporated into the way you eat. By so doing, you’ll

acquire the tools you’ll need, whether you’re trying to lose weight or keep if off. These tips

below is devised for healthier eating, will help you lose weight, lower your cholesterol, and

improve your overall health, and even enjoy your food more.

Enough of our long intro, let’s dive into the first weight loss thin habit quickly. OK?


People who eat less but more often throughout the day are usually slimmer man those who eat fewer but larger meals each day. The same holds true for snackers.  We all have different times during  the day when we get hungry, and people who eat when they’re  hungry rather than when the clock tells them. Such individuals are thinner than those who let habit or the hour dictate meal-time Small, frequent meals help to control diabetes and may help to lower your cholesterol.  Agreed?

Up next!


Studies have shown that 40 percent of all adults leave the house in the morning without breakfast. Yet breakfast eaters are leaner, have lower blood pressure, eat less throughout the rest of the day, and are generally healthier than breakfast skippers. On the WLM©  program, you’ll have satisfying, nutritious breakfasts, and eating them will help you lose weight or maintain your weight. Whichever you’re trying to do. Get my drift?

Let’s give a loud shout to the next habit! OK?


Eating a piece of fresh fruits instead of drinking fruit juice proves more of everything, more fiber , more bulk for your stomach , more minerals, more eating time. There is more chew so you really feel like you have had something to eat. Fruits make an excellent snack and green desserts.

Before we move along to the next habit, let me clue you in on a small piece of advice. I have only peeled back the first few layers of this issue of eating habits,. but if you really want to get the truth we are going to get a little more personal. Ok?

Here goes!
 WEIGHT LOSS THIN HABIT NO.4: EAT SLOWLY                       

 Some mornings just fly by, and before you realize it, its lunch time.  You’re in high gear from a busy morning, and you plunge into lunch at the same speed you’ve been working for the last

few hours. Stop! Rushing through a meal this way is only going to make you feel as if you never ate at all and you’ll be far more apt to want to eat more.

 Relax before you eat. Take a short walk to shift gears, or, simply sit down for a few moments to catch your bream This way you won’t be eating to relieve tension and will be able to enjoy your meal. When you’re eating, don’t put more food into your mouth until you have swallowed the mouthful that is already there.  Put your knife and fork down a couple of times during your meal. People who eat slowly eat less!    

Next, If there is one thing I want you to take away from this article, it is this habit number five. Agreed?


 Rushing through a meal or eating while you feel stressed can   also slow down your digestion, resulting in terrible digestive   turbulence: belching, heartburn, or an upset stomach. So give yourself a break if you can. Try not to eat at your desk or in the car while running errands. Mealtimes and work breaks are supposed to relieve the pressure of the day, refreshing and refueling you so that you can handle whatever else you have to take care of. Believe it or not, over fifty years ago before life became as hurried and stressful as it is today productivity research demonstrated that those who work without a break are actually less productive. Take some time out!

In a nutshell, weight losses thin habits can best be summarized as firstly eat small amounts frequently. Secondly, eat breakfast. Thirdly, eat fruits. Fourthly, eat slowly. And last,   eat in a relaxed atmosphere. Easy to remember? I really think so!

In conclusion, we must state forcefully that by now the answer is obvious, isn’t it? In fact by not applying it at least for the first time the five habits, you’ll never get to know the truth of the matter. Your body and health deserves the best care from you. Why deny yourself the opportunity to upgrade your body with the important and relevant information. Need I say more? I guess not!

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