Cat Hair… EVERYWHERE?? "Pet the Couch".

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I have 2 cats, Roary and Donut.  I love them both and their hair loves my stuff.  I have to sweep the hardwood floors about every-other day.  I roll my eyes at the idea of having company over bacause I feel like they leave with half of a cat stuck to their back end if they sit on our furniture.  My solution is a pretty basic onem but it seems to work.

I have a huge blanket that I throw over the couch that I can wash anytime.  When company comes over, I thow the blanket in the washer, and the couch looks pretty good.  For parts of the couch that don’t get covered, or if I dont have the blanket on the couch for a period of time I still have to get the hair off of the couch.  My boyfriend prefers to get the vacuum cleaner and actually pick it up onto the couch but the armrest are a pain to clean that way. I like to get a yellow rubber glove, the kind used for cleaning, and just “pet the couch”. Really, try it!  The hair will collect into easy to pick up balls and you can just toss it.  I have a glove that I use for this sitting in a basket next to the couch so when I’m just sitting watching TV I can occasionally get the hair that collects on the arm rest or the little accent pillows.  Give it a try! It works like a charm!


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