How To Play Wmv Files On Mac With Various Types Of Free Software

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This therefore requires the need to seek other options for players, which allows you to watch WMV on Mac Some of the players that are common freeware able to view WMV files on Mac will fall;

The VLC player

The VLC player is highly recommended that you use to view WMV files on Mac OS. The software is open source which means that you can download for free on the Internet and install it on your system so you can play WMV and other media on the Mac. This media player is a very powerful tool because it supports multiple operating systems other than Mac OS, and have the ability to support a large number of other media formats. The quality of video / audio output provided by the VLC is amazing what is the ideal choice.

Media Player for Mac

Windows Media Player version 9 is used for Mac is a different kind of freeware that is able to play wmv Mac software can manage both local and streaming WMV files, so you can play them on your Mac OS. The largest decline in the player is that developers do not have any firm plans to deliver an updated version. This has raised concerns for Mac users, because the player who works well with earlier versions of Mac OS, but users who use the latest versions, as Snow Leopard operating system has problems to configure the player to to operate normally.

Back four Mac

Flip 4 Mac is essentially a component that works with Windows Media Player QuickTime to allow viewing of WMV files on Mac OS. This component is mainly created to compensate for the closure in the development of enhancements to Windows Media Player for Mac This component was developed using Telestream technology, ensuring the display of high quality WMV files in QuickTime Player and play streaming WMV.

Use the conversion tools

Another alternative for reading files is to convert WMV files on Mac-friendly formats of various conversion tools is a good example is the video converter for Mac iSkysoft This alternative seems to be the best option, since no only allows you to read files on the Mac and other players, but also gives you the opportunity to be able to mange WMV files on other devices like the iPhone or even be able to edit video with iMovie if converted to MOV.

By using Video Converter for Mac iSkysoft, you are able to convert WMV files to other formats compatible with Mac allows you so many more features than just a video game.


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