Benefits Of Avg Internet Security

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You can find many different antivirus programs on the Internet that offer Internet Security, which may be free, but if you want Total Protection can be considered an order-based program instead. You can expect to pay anywhere between $ 30 to $ 100 for these programs, and many large to choose from. A program that is growing in popularity is the AVG Internet Security. We will see the benefits of buying the AVG Internet Security, and help you compare the programs, so you can select the correct one.

AVG Internet Security 2011 is a year subscription costs $ 54.99. The program offers multiple levels of security to include AVG Anti-Virus, AVG Protective Cloud Technology, AVG Anti-Spyware and AVG Community Protection Network.

AVG Firewall will monitor each port network to ensure that no malicious behavior is allowed to enter your system by hackers. This feature allows you to keep your computer safe from the outside and prevent the system from being hacked or penetrated by malicious files.

AVG Identity Theft Protection to identify the technology and the behavior of programs presented to steal personal information and to stop the event from the dead in its tracks. This function creates a shield between your personal and all intruders or attackers who are trying to get it.

AVG Anti-Spam helps eliminate unwanted spam messages are filling up your mailbox. This feature detects spam messages and sent to the spam folder before it ever arrives at your work e-mail environment.

AVG LinkScanner check the websites you visit before you enter so you can know if there are threats or risks. When using Google or Yahoo or other major search engines, you get a security clearance next to search results, if you know which sites are safe and which are not.

AVG Web Shield online to check the files before downloading them so that they would be safe to open the computer.

Protection of social networks AVG will scan your Facebook, MySpace and other networks for any suspicious behavior or activities. This is a new feature in version 2011 and the growing popularity of social networking, very useful.

AVG intelligent analysis of up to 3 times faster than typical virus detection. He knows that the files are safe and not waste time on the scanner, which uses few resources in high priority mode, while you are away from the computer and when I return will change to low priority to the conservation of resources.

There is never a need to sacrifice the security of systems and programs such as AVG Internet Security, you can hear whatever you do to protect your computer.


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