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Forex trading has the potential to become a profitable and rewarding career that allows you to be a way of life that few other lucrative activities in the world can offer people from many walks of life, and without men and women to earn a degree or special certification.
However, Forex trading is not easy, because it can easily enter and place your first trade but becoming a profitable trader is a different matter. You will need to acquire sufficient knowledge and skills to understand and know when to enter or exit the trade to meet the main objective of each investor is: money.
There are two types of analysis, which can make the foreign exchange market. They are known as technical analysis and fundamental analysis in Peru. It is plain that the retailers are usually divided into “technical” and “fundamentalist.” Each group dedicated to the most important tools for the analysis of each is given.
Currency Technical Traders base their activities on an analysis of graphs and a number of indicators derived from fluctuations in land prices and patterns. Meanwhile Fundamentalists traders base their activities mainly in the fundamental numbers and economical indicators of countries’ economies. Although divided, both tendencies aim to complement each other to some extent.
In this article, I get to “fundamentalist” side, and focus on any of the individual forex trader should be aware of and do not let the events involved affect his trading efforts in its name.
This risk is that when unprecedented chaotic world events start to develop day goes on.Media (TV, internet, print) can be expanded, and sometimes you can even distort the facts, that occur in and affect the trading day in a meaningful way. The result of this growth and the rapid spread of news about a series of unfavorable events is a growing atmosphere of fear, confusion and uncertainty in world trade. And the merchants of fear are not likely to make better trading decisions, because they have to panic, and emotional reactions rather than reasoned and wise decisions.
If you need more examples of such events can get some of your memory and consider the effect of only a few types of unfavorable chaotic world events such as political changes or the company’s corporate scandals such as Enron, WorldCom, or people like Martha Stewart, testing, etc. Also for example, the terrorist attacks of 11 September in New York, March 11 Spain, etc. Also natural disasters: tsunamis, earthquakes, floods, frosts, droughts, hurricanes, and wars can cause great disturbance to trading on the trip.
In short, every forex trader should be absolutely sure that your trading method is incorporated into the security guards (stops, limit orders) to prevent significant financial loss to your business accounts in any unfavorable events I mentioned above was never implemented. And, realistically, many of the events will happen in the future.


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